It’s only been three days but we’re still celebrating Chrissy Teigen’s exciting pregnancy announcement. On Monday, the model, TV personality (and cookbook author!) revealed via Instagram that she and her husband John Legend are expecting their first child together. The news was especially sweet considering Teigen also made headlines shortly before for going public about her fertility struggles on her talk show FABLife.


Recently Harper’s Bazaar sat down with Chrissy to ask her about things like her favorite beauty tip (which is to put eye cream in the freezer BTW) and fitness regime but we paid especially close attention when she revealed what pregnancy cravings she’s been experiencing. Chrissy is currently working on a cookbook and is always one to share when she’s indulging in a special treat (like a fried chicken mashed potato cake) so we figured this was going to be good. Could it be Oreos and peanut butter? Milkshakes and fries?


Chrissy told the magazine she’s craving “Literally everything.” She went on to say “Although it’s hard because I actually love salads and salad dressings and I do know how to eat healthily and I like eating healthily, but I like to indulge too. For me, acid is a really hard thing to consume right now because I always feel sour, so the dressings aren’t doing it for me. I find myself eating really hearty salads and meat. Red meat and milk, that’s what I’m craving.”

Hmm, so apparently Chrissy’s guilty pregnancy cravings are healthier than what we typically eat on a normal day. BRB, just going to go trade in that cheeseburger we ordered for lunch for a green smoothie or something instead…

What were (or are) your pregnancy cravings? Share with us in the comments below.

(Photos via @chrissyteigen)