From announcing her pregnancy in the sweetest way and having a fast food restaurant cater her baby shower to sporting Spanx as gym wear and simply not giving a crap, Chrissy Teigen is the BFF we all wish we had. But it鈥檚 her relationship with her mom, Vilaluck Teigen, that really solidifies her as the number one draft in on our fantasy celeb squad (sorry, Taylor). From mother-daughter cook offs to Snapchat-worthy shopping hauls, scroll on for six reasons why the Teigen women will make your heart melt.

Chrissy Teigen Mom cooking

1. They love celebrating life鈥檚 big moments. From Chrissy鈥檚 adorable baby shower 鈥 which was so luxe, it sported its own Snapchat filter 鈥 to her sold-out book signings, the star is rarely seen without her number one fan. (via FabLife)

2. They are a dynamic duo in the kitchen. Chrissy isn鈥檛 the only Teigen that鈥檚 obsessed with creating delicious grub. Along with including her mom鈥檚 papaya and green bean salad in her debut cookbook, Cravings ($15), the pair are often seen experimenting with new ingredients and fusions in the kitchen. That鈥檚 when they鈥檙e not making us drool on Instagram, of course.

Teigen Swag

3. They share the same sense of humor. How many moms do you know who would rock this awesome MTV swag bag, complete with a sexy gold-printed tee, a dope chain and a bazillion packs of condoms? Besides momma Teigen, that is. (@chrissyteigen)

4. They鈥檙e both obsessed with Chrissy鈥檚 puppies. Okay, most dog parents post about their pets on social media. It鈥檚 a given. But Chrissy鈥檚 mom is just as obsessed, if not more, with posting pics of her granddoggies on the web. Not that we blame her 鈥 they are freaking adorable.

5. Chrissy showers her momma with love on social media. 鈥淲hat I love most is my mom鈥檚 hilarity, her genuine care for others, her childish humor and her love for everything and everyone,鈥 writes Chrissy Teigen, in a beautiful Facebook letter addressed to her mom (we鈥檙e not crying; you are). Whether it鈥檚 sharing candid pics of the fam, embarrassing mother daughter #throwbackthursdays or simply listing all the reasons why her mom is the best, Chrissy is super open about how much she loves her momma.

My baby!

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6. It鈥檚 super obvious how proud Vilailuck is of her daughter. One look at the celeb mom鈥檚 Instagram and you can immediately tell how proud she is of her daughter. From sharing her daughter鈥檚 amazing achievements online to offering sweet advice for the new mommy, Vilailuck is constantly showing the world how thankful she is to have her daughter in her life.

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