Even if your earrings weren鈥檛 expensive, it鈥檚 a crying shame when you lose one. Well, now you can keep your jewelry in place no matter how much dancing, yoga-ing or laughing with your friends you do. Never lose an earring again with Chrysmela. This little, tiny mechanism ($50) is made to match up with all of your earrings. They鈥檙e available in rose gold, 23k gold and platinum and fit most standard-sized post earring.


Now, you can replace all of your earring backs with these magnetic earring catchers. Whether you鈥檙e wearing your most expensive diamonds or those nostalgic ones you bought at the mall when you were in high school, you can make sure they stay on. And since one size fits all, you only need one set of Chrysmelas. Just remember to wear them every time.


We鈥檝e all lost one. Tell us your worst time!