When it comes to spirit animals, we’re not super strict about the “animal” part of the whole thing. Sometimes a really colorful pattern can be your spirit animal, sometimes an entire decade (read: the ’90s) and sometimes it’s just Britney, b*tch. So for this week’s installment of T.GIF, we present to you exactly what you didn’t know you needed: 12 Dancing Britney Spears GIFs. Happy Friday!

Few things beat the original heart and soul of this schoolgirl.

Taking a cue from Step Up 2 The Streets, I see?

When you need to take a breather, scrunch that hair.

Hammer pants have never looked so good.

Make it clap.

I mean… she is a golden goddess.

Ooh ahh, just a little bit.

Yowza, remember this video?

Flip it, flip it good.

Britney goes modern in this black and white chair dance.

But then gets back to her roots with a cropped see-through turtleneck.

Don’t step.

Who do you channel on the dance floor? Talk to us in the comments below.