Animated GIFs have been the bread and butter of internet humor for years. But, as we showed you earlier this week, movement in photography isn't just about adding sunglasses to a dog.

Recently, photographers and artists have started taking this craft to the next level in the from of the cinemagraph. Fashion photographer Jamie Beck uses subtle movements to add a totally beautiful layer to what would otherwise be an ordinary (but gorgeous) online ad.

And now, because app developers and modern day photographers are bosom buddies, you don't need high speed video cameras or crazy lenses to accomplish similar results. Thanks to Cinemagram, all you need is an iPhone! Your results won't be quite as crisp as Jamie's above, but they'll be playful, personal, and, of course, animated. :)

How it works: Once you fire up the (FREE!) Cinemagram app, you'll be prompted to take a hybrid of a photo and video. Really, it's a video that you will later turn into an animated photo. Once you've captured your image, use your finger to trace the area you'd like to keep in video form, and you're done!

Have fun with it. Take photos at a concert and illuminate the audience.

Capture the loveliness of running water.

Go Black Swan Style and get weird in the mirror.

Cinemagram is definitely our new favorite camera app. We also really love the color pinwheel icon! Keep your eyes peeled for helpful cinemagrams showing up in upcoming tutorials. And be sure to follow us ( We'd love to see your Cinemagrams – we'll post the best ones we see on our blog!