Forget what any TV show or movie ever made you think about city hall weddings. You might think of them as a place where couples go to elope and seal the deal quickly. While you’ve probably always pictured your wedding in a church or some other dreamy venue, it seems we may have been underestimating a ceremony held in the city’s headquarters.

The often old, grand buildings make for an epic backdrop to an epic day. But aside from the endless photo ops, we can also think of two other main incentives for ditching the common wedding venues. One: these weddings usually have a casual flair, so if you’re a laid-back bride, feel free to slip on a cocktail dress and head over to the court room. And two: a ceremony here is usually more affordable than typical wedding venues, so what you save on cost there you can spend on a killer reception. If you’re still on the edge, take a gander at these 15 gorgeous city hall weddings and we’re sure you’ll land on our side.


1. Denmark Nuptials: There’s just so much to love about this Copenhagen City Hall ceremony. From her detailed, knee-length dress to the beautiful brick and black building, you won’t be missing that hotel banquet room one bit. (via Amanda Thomsen)


2. Escape From the Ordinary: Slip back in time and head to this city hall in St. Louis that almost looks more like something you’d find in Europe than in the middle of Missouri. (via Morgan Baughe)


3. Stunning Reception: And while you’re at St. Louis City Hall tying the knot, why not stick around and host your reception there as well? This stunning event held in the foyer of the building totally blows a basic hotel ballroom out of the water. (via Mike Cassimatis)


4. Coordinating Couple: One of the beautiful things about a city hall wedding is that the attire can be whatever you want it to be. These two kept it simple, but still coordinated with each other in bright yellow accents. (via Muna Luchi Bride)


5. Wedding Ride: Arrive to the venue in style. Keep with the low key vibe of a court room wedding and ditch the expensive limo for a classic, yellow cab. (via Robert & Kathleen)


6. Black and White: The simplicity of this snap in front of NYC’s City Hall is totally stealing out hearts. This is definitely a shot these two will cherish forever. (via Heather Waraska)


7. San Francisco Stunner: These Northern Carolina natives hosted their wedding in the city hall of the West Coast city that stole their hearts. Possibly the most picturesque city hall of them all, San Francisco offers couples anything but a basic courthouse wedding. Tie the knot on a grand staircase and under a beautifully engraved dome ceiling. (via Emily Scannell)


8. Artsy Architecture: Take advantage of the epic architecture many city halls have to offer and snap some pics in those massive staircases and hallways. (via Kylie Chevalier)


9. SoCal Sweethearts: Head down to sunny Santa Barbra for your ceremony, but skip the beach wedding and opt for the Mural Room in Santa Barbra City Hall instead. (via Dreamers and Lovers)


10. Irish in Love: Put an unique spin on a destination wedding and zip over to Dublin’s City Hall to get ditched. The marble and stone adds a grandeur to even to simplest ceremony. (via Elisha Clarke)


11. Political Ties: For this couple who are both politically involved in the city of Houston, hosting their big day at the place where most of their lives happen was kind of a no-brainer. (via Christa Elyce)


12. Enchanted Interiors: If the exterior of Copenhagen’s City Hall wasn’t enough to captivate you, the Harry Potter-esque interior of the place is sure to do the trick. (via Amanda Thomsen)


13. Non Traditional Traditions: Who needs a white dress when you have a floral stunner like this one? The beauty of a courthouse wedding is that a non-traditional gown is not only accepted, but almost expected. So wear whatever the heck you want! These two did and they look amazing. (via LL Style Photo)


14. Big Apple I Do: When in NYC, take full advantage of all the city has to offer by slipping outside and snapping a shot with some of the famous skyline. (via LL Style Photo)


15. Under Arches: Get married in the grand entrance of San Francisco’s City Hall and then slip upstairs and snap an epic picture like this under one of the hall’s many grand arches. (via Kylie Chevalier)

Did you get hitched at city hall? Which city did you do it in? Share with us in the comments below.