Your hair game (over the rainbow, streaked with fire) is straight out of a comic book movie these days. Another hair tip to steal from Wonder Woman’s squad? Accessories that go above and beyond. Introducing the Clippa Lady, the $10 all-in-one-clip that does just about everything. Seriously, it’s like the Swiss Army Knife of hair products. You can use it to open a bottle, file your nails, scrape things like gum off the bottom of your shoe and even as a screwdriver. Who says home improvement isn’t glamorous?


This super barrette is the third incarnation of designer Yaacov Goldberg’s hair clips. Earlier iterations were the original Clippa (screw driver, wrench, trolley coin, ruler and cutting edge) and the Clippa Blackfin (bottle opener, scraper, ruler, small screwdriver, nail file, box opener and serrated knife) which both are similarly multi-functional.

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