Halloween may be a week away, but life is still business as ush here in What’s App-ening Land. Two of our go-tos made shiny new apps that you need to get your paws on pronto, we’re celebrating the European release of an app that wants to inform you about some really nasty, dirty things and there’s a recent release that you so totally needed back in grade school. Add it to the list and settle in for the five must-download apps we clicked across this week!

1. Rooms: When Facebook creates a new app or launches a new product, we’ll still listen. They may not be your go-to social network these days — but they’ll always be your first. (Not counting Friendster.) The latest release from Zuck + Co offers up virtual “rooms” where users can go to talk anonymously about the specific things that they like. Sound really familiar? It should if you grew up in the ‘90s and ever a/s/l-ed in a chatroom on a dialup connection.

Cost: Free on iOS (Android version coming later!)

2. Clue: No, this isn’t an app version of the old board game, this is a newly updated app focused on female health. It’s a period tracker that leaves the pink and the flowers to someone else and brings science to your cycle instead. Using data you provide, it can predict your period and things related to it — PMS, moods, your fertile window and more. And that data takes seconds to input instead of a diary entry’s worth of time spent telling your phone about you each day. Oh, and that interface? Gorgeous.

Cost: Free on Android and iOS

3. Inbox by Gmail: Gmail might already be the word that comes after the @ in your email, but the whole experience is about to get better with Google’s new app meant to bring less stress to your inbox. It bundles together similar messages, highlights important info within emails and lets you perform actions like checking into flights right from each message. Look for a more in depth writeup on the Inbox by Gmail experience soon!

Cost: Free on Android and iOS — email inbox@google.com to request an invite!

4. Photomath: This smart camera calculator almost (almost) makes us want to go back to school to have an excuse to bust it out while studying. Okay, I take that back, but check out how cool this is. Take a picture of a math problem in the app and it will help you figure out what x is. When the equation is a little more complicated it also shows you how the steps break down to solve, making it the simplest tutor ever. How about next up, an app that does the same thing for splitting up group bills?!

Cost: Free on iOS and Windows Phone, Android app coming early 2015

5. CosmEthics: Just launched in Europe during TechCrunch Disrupt across the pond, this app wants to empower you, the consumer to know exactly what’s in the beauty products and makeup that you’re slathering all over your bod, face and those of your family members. Just scan a product’s barcode and it will screen the toxicity of its ingredients, pick out allergens you tell it to scout out and tell you if it’s vegan or not.

Cost: Not available yet in the US — stay tuned (and DL Think Dirty while you wait)

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What was your favorite app download of recent weeks? Let us know if you DL any of the above!