Halloween masks are a dime a dozen. Whether you want to be Hilary Clinton, sport a horse head or scare the life out of everyone as a terrifying clown, there鈥檚 a mask for that. We love these silly Halloween gags as much as the next guy, but why not step it up this year? Pop on these digitally enhanced masks by Morph Costumes, and you鈥檒l have people running for the hills.

Initially the mask looks a lot like any other. It鈥檚 latex, fully covers your head and comes in an assortment of scary options. But here鈥檚 how they differ: They also come with moving eyes and flashing lights. While it may look like you just stepped off the set of a horror film, no CGI is needed here. All you have to do is download Morph Costume鈥檚 free app to your smartphone and select whichever effect is most appropriate for your mask. If you鈥檙e a cyclops or a zombie, select the wandering eye. If you鈥檙e a spooky cyborg, go for the flashing red light.

Then pop the device into the mask鈥檚 pocket, and voila! The eye peers through and looks totally real. We would suggest maybe turning your phone to airplane mode so that you forehead doesn鈥檛 buzz with texts and give away the secret to the illusion.

These masks will cost you upwards of $45, which isn鈥檛 super cheap, but you can keep things pretty basic as far as an outfit goes, and let the mask be the main focus. If these are a little too gory for your taste, Morph also has some cool t-shirts that use the same technology but aren鈥檛 quite so graphic (like this one of a kitten in a pumpkin).

Would you rock any of these masks on Halloween? Which one do you like best? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.