If there are 99 bottles of Coke on the wall and you pick up just one, what might that bottle say about your personality? Consider today’s all-knowing post your Magic-8 Ball of beverages, your fortune teller in the form of a six-pack, your Miss Cleo in bottle form.

Go ahead and suspend reality for a moment here. You know how Coca-Cola bottles (and cans) invite you to share your Coke with someone? Well, we’re taking a leap and suggesting that who your bottle tells you to share your beverage with actually says something about your personality. It’s festive, silly and maybe a little bit accurate ;)

We’ve teamed up with Coca-Cola® to uncover the hidden meaning behind each of their holiday Coca-Cola bottles. You can go ahead and add this to your holiday party game list — especially if you’ve got a fridge packed to the brim with Coca-Cola cans and bottles. Now, shall we get on with the reading?


The Bottle: Secret Santa

The Vibe: Too cool for school, obvs.

What Does It Mean?: You tend to gravitate toward asymmetrical haircuts and mom jeans. You rocked glasses way before you needed them, and you believe strongly in the power of artisanal donuts. The thing is, you also have a major soft spot for traditions. Not even the latest edition of Kinfolk can hold a candle to your nephew’s baby book. This love of family and nostalgia is one of your best qualities — but shh, we won’t tell anyone.


The Bottle: Santa

The Vibe: Organized, super generous and Type A.

What Does It Mean?: You’re the planner in your group. When one of your friends pitches the idea of a weeklong friends’ trip, you’re the one that sends three itinerary options to the group. You’ve got the best looking Christmas decorations on your block, and love to show affection for your friends and family as often as possible. Loyalty and honesty are number one in your book, and you can sometimes be quick to hold a grudge. It’s okay, though — you always tend to come around and see the other side of the story.


The Bottle: Under the Mistletoe

The Vibe: Die-hard romantic, still looking for that special someone.

What Does It Mean?: You’ve seen Love Actually, Pretty Woman and Bridget Jones’ Diary too many times to even count. While you spend a lot of time focusing on work and your friends, you’ve got a seriously romantic streak that just knows your soulmate is right around the corner. Could this holidays season’s series of festive parties help you meet your match? Only time will tell. But we’re betting you’ll be conveniently located nearby the mistletoe… just in case.


The Bottle: Someone Naughty

The Vibe: Adventurous and full of mischief.

What Does It Mean?: When someone wants a night out on the town they’ll never forget (or perhaps never remember, as the case may be), you are their go-to partner in crime. You’re a yes person, and you never let anything stand in the way of a good time. And though you’re filled with love, you can often make the wrong choices when it comes to friends and especially significant others. Don’t forget that there’s more to you than that little black dress and spiked leopard-print boots.


The Bottle: Someone Nice

The Vibe: Cozy, cuddly and always looking on the bright side.

What Does It Mean?: The holidays are your favorite time of year because you get to shower the people you love with gifts and good cheer. You see things through rose-colored glasses and wouldn’t have it any other way. You love people so much that sometimes you spend too much time worrying about their happiness. It’s incredible that you care so deeply for those around you, but you’ve gotta make sure to find time for your own happiness as well.


The Bottle: Elves

The Vibe: Resourceful, creative and very collaborative.

What Does It Mean?: You love to make things. When someone brings you a problem, you’re psyched to use your creative skills to solve it. Your perfect Sunday would be spent knitting a dozen winter hats, building a dining table, cooking dinner for 10 and making friendship bracelets for everyone you know, all in one day. Be careful that you don’t let your hobbies get the best of you though — your friends and family value your presence even more than the beautiful things you create.

So, what bottle are you? Perhaps a mix of a few?

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This post is a collaboration with Coca-Cola.