Just because you’re going to rough it out in a tent doesn’t mean you have to settle for rough-tasting coffee. Camping gadgets and gizmos enhance the experience, and we’ve got some to save you from going the not-so-satisfying instant coffee route. First step: Check our list of water purifiers for getting that H2O ready for your beans. Then, create a high-quality wilderness java experience with these essential tools.

1. Handpresso Outdoor Set ($200): Manual espresso to-go! This product uses pods (like Illy and Lavazza) and 16-bar pressure. (If you’re a hardcore espresso drinker, you know what we’re talking about.) The whole set is a little pricey, but you can order items separately as well.

2. Handpresso Auto Espresso Maker ($180): If you’re into car camping or planning a massive road trip this summer, this is the espresso maker you’re going to want to reach for. Plug in, add water and a pod, and you’ve got delicious espresso.

3. Poler and Stumptown Camp Coffee ($125): Got a big love for all things Portlandia? Well, meet the P-Town-approved kit. It contains two custom mugs and a carrying bag from the hometown outdoor outfitter, plus an AeroPress and a Porlex hand burr grinder. Not pictured but also included is local roaster Stumptown’s Holler Mountain Blend, brew guide and instruction booklets.

4. Mini Cup Stainless Steel Espresso ($25): This little gadget fits right on the stovetop and brews one double shot in 90 seconds. It’s also available in a four-cup maker.

5. Grower’s Cup ($5): Remember when we told you about this the other day? Well, let us refresh your memory. The bag carries fair trade and organic coffee, even tea options! Purchase the whole kit with five pouches for $20 and get that French press experience even while you’re sitting in the dirt.

6. Snow Peak Titanium French Press ($56): A French press with folding handles that makes enough for three cups? Forget the fresh air and trees, this is the best part of waking up in the great outdoors. For a vacuum-insulated and double-walled stainless-steel press, check out the REI Table Top French Press.

7. Kelly Kettle ($65): If you’re using a French press, you’ll need a camping kettle to boil that water. This lightweight kettle uses any natural occurring solid fuel (i.e. sticks, pine cones, dry grass). How cool (err, boiling hot?) is that?! Want more options? Scope out the Backcountry Boiler.

8. Collapsible Java Drip ($13): You don’t have to skip the drip. This collapsible silicone cone comes in multiple sizes, so the spill-free design will fit over all of your mugs and cups.

9. Stumptown Cold Brew ($4): Skip all the steps and equipment with this already-brewed and ready-to-drink cold brew. It’s a refreshing cold press with low acidity and a chocolatey finish.

10. Klean Kanteen ($25): Insulate hot coffee for up to six hours and iced for up to 24! The Klean Kanteen features an extra wide mouth to fit your collapsible java drip and is spill-free, BPA-free, stainless steel, double-wall vacuum insulated and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Will you be bringing coffee with you on your next camping trip? What’s your on-the-go coffee essential? Let us know in the comments below!