Settling right in the middle of your living room, the coffee table is a major focal point and one we should have more fun with. It’s not a big piece of furniture, but it can make a huge statement, especially if it’s quirky or colorful. Here are 20 beautiful tables that will rock your living room and have you coming up with fun, creative ways to style your new coffee table!

1. Cotton Candy Pink ($359): Get the party started with this fabulous pink table.

2. Neon Pink ($179): This modern cube table is a blast of high gloss neon and we love it!

3. Bell Coffee Table ($2000): This handmade table is a gorgeous combination of colored glass and bronze metallics.

4. Color Glass Table ($2495): Looking like a painter’s palette, this table will be even more amazing when it catches the sunlight.

5. Green Wicker ($99): This neon table would look fabulous inside or outside on the patio!

6. Acute Coffee Table ($2150): A thick piece of polished walnut sits on top of an eye- catching geometric wire base.

7. Panier Table ($380): This eclectic table is made out of colorful transparent material for a sense of playfulness.

8. Color Blocked Table ($565): You know how much we love a good color blocking and this table comes in multiple awesome color combos.

9. Turnstool Table ($498): A little bit rustic and a little bit glam, this table would fit into a lot of different decor styles.

10. Invisible Teal Table ($1100): Transparent and modern, this trendy table states its presence through angular, essential lines.

11. Clover Table ($189): Layer things up with this retro, round table of many dimensions.

12. Echo Table ($3500): Colored glass is layered in a design that is reminiscent of a quilt pattern.

13. Waldorf Coffee Table ($499): This gold accented table is fancy without being too fancy and adds sculptural detail to your living room.

14. Origami Coffee Table ($399): This geometric table looks like a giant faceted gemstone.

15. Magical Thinking Table ($189): This intricately carved table looks like something you might have found during your travels abroad.

16. Diamond Coffee Table ($229): Minimalist-inspired coffee table in an eye-catching diamond design.

17. Preston Coffee Table ($175): Inspired by Swedish designs, this white wood table is sleek and curvy.

18. Plank Coffee Table ($1149): Get industrial with this solid wood sculptural table.

19. Alexis Coffee Table ($750): Reflect some light with this high gloss and metallic table.

20. Hector Wood Table ($561): This low rise table has two push through drawers painted with contrasting colors on either side, creating a retro 50’s feel.

Are you inspired by any of these colorful coffee tables? Let us know in the comments below!