The living room is the center of our home, and the coffee table is the center of our living room. Unfortunately, these centers are usually found covered with remotes, candy wrappers and stacks of unread magazines. Are you tired of it? We are. Our coffee tables deserve better! Check out these 20 ideas to help you fight the battle against covered coffee tables and to prevent your center from becoming more about storage than style.

1. Use a Chest: Using a chest gives you extra space to stash things. Bonus points if you find something as full of fun and modern character as this one. (via The Every Girl)

2. Pops of Color: If your walls are a neutral brown or gray, adding some bright blues and yellows will set a focal point. You can even pick fun toys or a colorful game to make your table totally kid-friendly. (via SAS Interiors)

3. Neutral: If bold color really isn鈥檛 your thing, try a neutral palette. Beachy items like shells and starfish are always an easy go-to for accents that don鈥檛 boast bright hues but that carry lots of textures. (via A Beach Cottage)

4. In The Round: Don鈥檛 be a square. A round coffee table will add some interest among your angular furniture. (via The Every Girl)

5. Globe It: Vintage globes bring a sophisticated, intelligent feel into any room. And if you鈥檙e into the sphere but aren鈥檛 feeling the geography, you could always鈥 you know, cover it with chalkboard paint. Umm鈥 yes! (via Alice Lane Home Collection)

6. Vary The Height: A flat space doesn鈥檛 have to stay flat. Having objects of varying heights, like vases, gives your living room depth and allure. (via Handmade Mood)

7. Times Two: If you don鈥檛 have a lot of space in your living room, try using two small side tables instead of one large table. It will be just enough space for your favorite magazines and a cup of coffee or two. (via The Every Girl)

8. Quick Exit: If you鈥檙e hesitant to fill up your coffee table due to space issues, no worries. Your tabletop decor doesn鈥檛 have to be a permanent situation. Hold it all on a tray so you can easily put it aside to make space for board games or fondue. (via Decor Pad)

9. Ghost Coffee Table: We鈥檝e all heard of the ghost chairs, so why not a ghost coffee table too? A clear piece of furniture makes your space feel more open and is a surefire way to direct eyes to the creative contents sitting on top of the table. (via Lonny)

10. Burning Brightly: Candles give any room a super homey feel. Not to mention that they smell awesome and come in a million different styles. We recommend beginning your search in the Brit Shop. (via TovTov)

11. Storage Below: Some of us may have too many magazines to fit on a coffee table, so let鈥檚 take them down below. You can store them in a box, basket or display them openly for easy access to the latest and greatest gossip. (via The Every Girl)

12. Keep It Low: Sometimes your table is surrounded by seating. If that鈥檚 the case, keep your decorations on the lower side so you can easily see those smiling faces sitting across from you. (via Design Sponge)

13. Simple and Natural: Sometimes you just need a breath of simplicity. Add some nature to your table for interest and a woven basket to keep the clutter to a minimum. (via Bleubird)

14. Florals: Put those gorgeous spring flowers to good use and flor-ify your coffee table. It鈥檚 an incredibly easy, instant centerpiece that changes with the seasons. (via Lonny)

15. Stacks of Books: If you鈥檙e addicted to books, don鈥檛 hide it! Stack 鈥檈m high for all to see. Maybe you鈥檒l even start your own lending library. (via Lolalina)

16. Silver and Gold: Metallic is in, and we鈥檙e definitely cool with that. Display those shiny pieces where everybody will be able to ogle them. (via Hi Sugarplum)

17. Paperweights: Yeah, we thought paperweights were out of style too. But when they鈥檙e as pretty as these transparent pieces, we really can鈥檛 resist. (via Tumblr)

18. Bowl of Mementos: Gather up all those old pictures and theater tickets you have lying around and put them on display in a shallow bowl. We guarantee they鈥檒l spark some epic conversation and storytelling. (via Live Creating Yourself)

19. Showcase Your Jewelry: Why keep those sparkly statement necklaces shut away in a box or drawer? Lay them out around your magazines and candles for all to see and admire. (via The Glitter Guide)

20. Meaningful Doodads: Whatever you decide to put on your coffee table, be sure to add special touches that are important to you to make it uniquely yours. (via The Pink Doormat)

Is your coffee table cluttered or clean? Which idea has you ready to refresh the center of your living room? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook.