Looking to add some color to your party? Do it in one flick of the wrist. We’re talking about tossing in some confetti! We’ve shown you how to decorate with it, how to wear it and even how to recycle it, but now it’s time to take it back to its original use and party with it. From decorating your space to adding sprinkles to your plate, these dipped and dotted DIYs are the pop of color your party has been looking for.

1. Stuffed Invitations: Set the tone of the party from day one with confetti-stuffed invites. Write or print your invitations on wax or parchment paper bags, then load them with confetti for the best thing to show up in anyone’s mailbox since… well, ever. (via Confetti Sunshine)

2. Confetti Table Runner: Don’t table this idea. Once you make this butcher paper runner using gold confetti dots and glue, you can use it again and again whenever you throw a bash. (via Oh Joy)

3. Dipped Marshmallows: It’s confetti you can eat made in two simple steps: Dip marshmallows in chocolate, then dip them into colorful sprinkles. For a fun twist, try other colorful candy like Nerds. (via Give Recipe)

4. Party Balloons: Yup, you can make these all by yourself. Use a funnel to fill clear balloons with confetti, then inflate. Simple as that! (via Brit + Co.)

5. Mini Confetti Jars: Try this one out for a farewell party. Fill mini corked jars with confetti, then pop and toss when it’s time to say so long. Awww… (via Sugar and Cloth)

6. Tissue Paper Cones: Pile a collection of these confetti-filled cones in the center of the table for a colorful cornucopia, or pass them out for guests to hold and toss as they please. (via Polka Dot Prints Studio)

7. Pastel Cake: Jumbo candy dots make up the confetti on this six-layer cake, but there’s an equally surprising treat inside: springy multicolor layers! (via Brit + Co.)

8. Sparkly Vases: Go all out metallic with gold and silver confetti. Adding some sparkle to the water of plain glass vases will jazz up simple stems. (via Michelle Edgemont)

9. Sprinkle Oreos: Have more fun with edible confetti, err… we mean rainbow sprinkles. Dunk Oreos in vanilla frosting then dip them in sprinkles for a colorful treat. (via Sweet Rose Studio)

10. Confetti Poppers: Once you pop, the fun don’t stop! That’s never been truer than with these pink and gold DIY confetti poppers. (via Brit + Co.)

11. DIY Manicure: Get your hands in on the fun. Confetti really pops against a white nail polish background. You can do this manicure yourself with your favorite polish and some metallic confetti, different colored nail art pens or even a chunky glitter. (via Studio DIY)

12. Hanging Confetti: Wouldn’t it be nice to have a beautiful photo booth backdrop of freshly tossed confetti? Now you can! Hang colorful and sparkly origami squares on thin wire and you’ve got a confetti-inspired backdrop. (via Lauren Conrad)

13. Message in a Box: Whatever you’re saying — whether it’s “you’re invited” or “congratulations” — say it with flare! Rope the letters together, then stuff them in a box filled with, yep, you guessed it, confetti! (via Studio DIY)

14. Party Popcorn: Every party needs some delicious munchies. Make this popcorn yours. Coat fresh popped kernels in white chocolate and sprinkles. (via Brit + Co.)

15. Party Backdrop: Let’s hear it: Hip, hip, hooray! That’s what you’ll be saying after hanging this awesomely colorful banner made from paper, Mod Podge and large tissue paper confetti. (via Life Sweet Life)

16. Confetti Tablecloth: Got a paintbrush and a white tablecloth? Then you have all you need to make this polka-dotted table cover. Make yours in your favorite colors. (via Oh Happy Day)

17. Photo Confetti: Get everyone in on the fun with this make-your-own confetti. Along with traditional tissue paper circles, add cutouts of your friends and family and see if they can spot their photo in all the confetti tossing. (via Martha Stewart)

18. Walls Two Ways: Here are two ways to decorate your walls: For inside, use circle stickers or decals, along with circle photos. Got a bare wall outside? String tissue confetti into garland. (via The Glamorous Housewife)

19. Balloon Banner: All your party decorations come together in this one simple idea. Load balloons with confetti, then spell out a message on a streamer-lined garland of balloons. (via Real Simple)

20. Funfetti Sheet Cake: What’s a confetti party without some Funfetti? Make your own Funfetti cake in just 30 minutes. If you make this sheet cake version, you can cut it into easy brownie-like bars for serving. (via Eat Cake for Dinner)

21. Confetti Centerpieces: Add color to otherwise standard table decor. Add a “confetti” of colors to white flowers by drawing colorful dots on the petals. Put candles in clear vases and fill them with sprinkles for a confetti-inspired twist. (via Hostess with the Mostess)

22. Wood Letters: Spell out a fun party message on wood letters. Make them really pop by gluing on a ton of candy colored sprinkles or tissue confetti. (via Bridgey Widgey)

23. Pink and Gold Water Bottle Labels ($6): For this party, all your paper goods should be spotted and polka dotted, like these pretty and customizable confetti labels to wrap around your beverage bottles.

24. Mini Donuts: There’s nothing cuter than mini donuts stuffed with edible confetti! Your friends will devour these glazed goodies. (via The Novice Chef)

25. Confetti Stix: These tubes of confetti and glitter are sealed, so they can serve as bright decorations by just hanging out in vases and votives around the party. Have a need to toss sparkly things? Just cut them open with scissors. (via Best Friends for Frosting)

Throwing your own confetti bash? How are doing it up?