A few weeks ago, we announcedBrit Kits, popular do-it-yourself projects in a box, delivered monthly to your doorstep. We have been overwhelmed by the positive response and are excited to finally share the deets on exactly what went into our very first kit! We shipped them all out this week and those of you that ordered one should be receiving your tracking information today or tomorrow.

As you know, each month’s kit will be a surprise until you get it (or until we reveal it here). However, what we can tell you is this: we will be sourcing the ideas from our most popular projects found here on Brit + Co. and around the web, the themes of the projects will vary (decor, food, jewelry, etc), and all projects will be simple enough for anyone to do in under 30 minutes. Our goal is to enable you to tap into your creativity to produce a beautiful result without having to spend too much time doing it. Because let’s face it, we’re all short on time.

So what’s in the October kit? As the holidays are quickly approaching, this month our theme is centered all around party decor, and in particular, balloon projects! Each October kit includes a whole slew of DIY possibilities but the primary project is one of our most popular ever, LED Balloons.

With over 60,000 views on Brit + Co. and 30,000 pins on Pinterest, this DIY has been a definite fan favorite. But, how many people have spare mini LED bulbs lying around their house? Not a lot.

Thus, we’ve sourced them for you and added balloons, a balloon pump and balloon tape for hanging. Unfortunately we did not have the capacity to mail helium tanks around, but the pump and tape should do the job. (You can, of course, always take these to your local party shop to get pumped with helium. Just drop the LEDs in before you blow them up.) Here’s the how-to:

Drop your LED in the balloon. Use our handy balloon pump to inflate the balloon. Attach to the balloon tape, and repeat with all of your balloons. Hang it up for your next party and revel in the colorful illuminated awesomeness.

As a bonus gift, we also threw in clear balloons and confetti so that you can make your own Confetti Balloons!

For this one, the tools are simple: confetti and balloons! Use a funnel or create one with paper to drop confetti into each clear balloon. Inflate, and that’s it. Party tip: when it’s time for the late night dance party, pop your balloons for a full on confetti explosion.

These would be so pretty for a holiday party, don’t you think? And pretty perfect for a New Year’s Eve countdown. Pop the balloons at midnight!

If you have leftover balloons, we recommend you use them to try one of our other popular balloon DIY projects. Perhaps you’d like to make frozen water balloons, balloon bud vases, or even throw a party in a box? Want to do something else with your LED lights? We’ve got 15 awesome projects for you to try out.

Another bonus! Because we know that people have more fun crafting if they have munchies and music while they make, our October subscribers have also received three months of unlimited music streaming through Spotify as well as an entire bag of one of our all-time favorite snacks, Pretzel Crisps. (Note: try this recipe idea for the Pretzel Crisps!)

Finally, we included our DIY Starter Kit for those of you who wanted all the basic crafting essentials along with your first month’s kit. We will continue to offer the starter kit to new subscribers for 50% off (only $14.99).

We’d love to see what you guys make with these kits! Please send us pics on Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest and use the hashtag #britkits so we can gawk at your amazing creativity and share it with the broader Brit + Co. community. And speaking of our community, major props to Brit + Co. staff and friends for rocking an epic packing party on Monday!

Didn’t sign up for October? Don’t miss out on November! Remember that you can also gift these to a friend (holiday tip!). Quantities are still quite limited so put your order in soon!

If you’ve got any questions about Brit Kits or ideas about what should go in the next one, give us a shout in the comments below.