With all the DIY-ing we do around here at Brit HQ during the holidays, even the smallest of scraps are like gold to us. That extra few feet of wrapping paper? There’s more than a handful of cool ways to repurpose it. And the same goes for confetti, which if you’re like us, you’ll have mounds of lying around post NYE. Check out these 15 ways to take it from tabletop tinsel to something that adds sparkle to party favors, home decor, and even style accessories all year round.

1. Confetti Tags: Wow ‘em even before they open their gifts with these confetti-filled tags. They’re perfect for topping party favors or doubling as a fun birthday card. (via Bohème Service)

2. Confetti Banner: Garland and banners are now must-have decorations for any bash. Amp up a store bought number by gluing on colorful confetti. (via Best Friends for Frosting)

3. Confetti Dipped Flats: We’re quite familiar with gold dipped flats, but subbing gold foil confetti for spray paint is a pretty genius move. It definitely makes this flat party-worthy. (via Studio DIY)

4. Confetti Headband: Here’s one way to have confetti in your hair without looking like a hot mess ;) It’s one of the easiest ways to DIY a statement headband for New Year’s Eve and beyond. (via Brit + Co.)

5. Confetti-Filled Frame: We dig this photo DIY that adds confetti to a picture frame for a snow globe-like effect. It’s a fun way to add sparkle to graphic prints. (via A Pair & A Spare)

6. Confetti Wall Art: Make your walls pop with a piece of confetti-covered wall art. It’s the perfect piece of decor for an all-white nursery or bedroom. (via Kidspot)

7. Confetti Marquee: We love this playful twist on your typical marquee that trades in blinking lights for colorful blocks of confetti. Bookmark this DIY for Valentine’s Day—it’ll sneak up on you sooner than you think! (via Fraulein K Sagt Ja)

8. Shake It Confetti Wrap: First the Polaroid, then Shake-N-Bake, and now you can get your shake on with this confetti gift wrap! Just dump confetti into a cellophane-wrapped box to make this playful presentation. (via Minie.co)

9. Confetti Dipped Balloons: Yes, this one has been making the rounds on Brit + Co. lately, but how could you blame us for re-featuring this project when it’s so totally baller? We promise once you do the dip with this confetti DIY, you’ll never blow up a bare balloon ever again! (via Studio DIY)

10. Confetti Nail Art: This might be the classiest way to reuse confetti: add it to your mani! Whether you go all in and cover your nails in it or place just a few pieces here and there, one thing’s for sure: it’s a real head turner. (via Brit + Co.)

11. Confetti Dipped Purse: We’re intrigued with this DIY that uses confetti as an embellishment on a structured satchel. We’d definitely give this a whirl for our next cocktail party. (via Studio DIY)

12. Confetti Cake Topper: Hot glue is the secret material behind making this personalized confetti-coated cake topper stand at attention. Since the material is so flexible, nearly any number, letter, or shape is possible! So cool. (via Aunt Peaches)

13. Painted Wood Confetti Spoons: As if a bright color block wasn’t enough to take these wooden spoons from snoozefest to something super spectacular. You can bet that we’ll be slinging these speckled spoons to our very first picnic of the season! (via Love From Ginger)

14. Confetti Coaster: This is our favorite way to add confetti to a table without, well, adding confetti to a table! There might not be a better coaster around for serving up bubbly. (via Brit + Co.)

15. Confetti Soap: Add some sparkle to your suds by sprinkling confetti into homemade bar soap. Sure, there are no physical benefits to this add-in, but it’s almost guaranteed to put a smile on your face :) (via Crafts Unleashed)

What ways have you repurposed confetti? Tell us in the comments below!