Whether it’s a garnish of fresh flowers, a final sprinkling of chopped herbs, or using homemade gluten-free pasta instead of dried, it’s the little details that make a meal great. So why not try swapping out your usual flour tortillas for some made with corn?! They add a new dimension of flavor and texture to all of your favorite meals. These 15 recipes will convince you that corn tortillas beat flour any day.

1. Homemade Corn Tortillas: If you’ve never had a corn tortilla made from scratch, you’ve been missing out. All you need is instant corn masa, salt, and water. (via Weary Chef)

2. Korean BBQ Chicken Tacos: Sweet and savory Korean BBQ chicken has the perfect balance of flavors to put in a taco. Just add some sautéed veggies and zesty chimichurri sauce and you’ve got dinner. (via Sugar Loves Spice)

3. Popcorn Tacos: Hands down, tacos are already one of the most fun foods you can make. But these ones take the whimsy to the next level, thanks to their popcorn and esquites filling. (via Tara’s Multicultural Table)

4. Poblano Chicken Tostadas: For tostada meat that doesn’t dry out, use juicy chicken thighs. Add in some poblano peppers and black beans for a hearty and healthy meal. (via A Zesty Bite)

5. Crispy Tofu Tikka Masala Tacos: Grill your corn tortillas for extra flavor. Then, fill them with crispy tikka masala tofu for a tasty fusion meal. (via Vegetarian Gastronomy)

6. Roasted Shrimp Enchiladas: The best part of enchiladas is the cheese, and these ones don’t skimp out. A spicy homemade jalapeño cheese sauce coats every last bite of the shrimp-stuffed corn tortillas. (via Grumpy’s Honey Bunch)

7. Corn and Cajun Chicken Tacos: Charred corn and spice-blackened chicken make up the heart of these tacos. Diced fresh peppers add some crunch, and they’re topped off with the usual garnishes of cilantro, salsa, and jalapeños. (via The Girl on Bloor)

8. Huevos Rancheros Skillet: Turn Huevos Rancheros from breakfast into dinner with this skillet meal. Served with corn tortillas, this mix of eggs, beans, potatoes, and other veggies will fill you right up. (via Mexican Please)

9. Vegetarian Enchilada Casserole: Layered enchiladas, made with corn tortillas, are a little more weeknight-friendly than their traditional counterpart. Add in some veggies, enchilada sauce, and cheese for a meat-free meal. (via Delish Knowledge)

10. Banh Mi Tacos: Crunchy pickled veggies and juicy grilled pork work just as well in a corn tortilla as on a Vietnamese baguette. Mayo gives each taco an extra element of creaminess that will make you go back for seconds. (via The Cookful)

11. Chicken Tikka Masala Enchiladas: Chicken tikka masala makes these enchiladas extra-creamy. Serve them with a spicy green chutney for even more flavor. (via Manna & Spice)

12. Bang Bang Shrimp Tacos: With tacos like these, you’re best off doubling your tortillas. You’ll want to pack each one with as much shrimp, coleslaw, and pico de gallo as possible. (via The Girl on Bloor)

13. Pork Belly Tacos: Pork belly, equal parts crispy and unctuous, makes every bite of these tacos pure pleasure. A topping of spicy, tangy mayonnaise and lime keeps them from tasting too rich. (via Pinch and Swirl)

14. Healthy Baked Salmon Tacos: We’re always looking for new ways to add more heart-healthy salmon to our diets. It turns out salmon works really well in tacos, with its lush texture playing off crunchy lettuce and creamy avocado for a perfectly balanced bite. (via Salt and Lavender)

15. Carrot and Parsnip Taquitos: Taquitos are probably the tastiest way to eat your veggies. In this recipe, shredded carrots and parsnips are rolled into corn tortillas then pan-fried for a healthy indulgence. (via Thyme & Love)

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