Sometimes, you have to stop and eat the roses. Wait, that’s not right. Well, in this case it is because these 30 recipes are loaded with edible petals — from roses to lavender to honeysuckles — adding tons of sweet floral flavor to some already delicious dishes. And we’re not just talking desserts. All you need for these almost-too-pretty-to-eat plates is a quick trip to the garden.

1. Apricot Tartines: Violas add an element of voilà to this appetizer. Use the subtly flavored bloom to enhance the sweetness in the apricots on a garlic and cheese topped tartine. (via Garlic and Sapphire)

2. Ravioli in Spiced Butter Sauce: Add a floral finish to this rich and earthy pasta (filled with mushrooms, ricotta and goat cheese) by topping your noodles with a mix of oniony chive blossom and sweet violet petals. (via Tartine and Apron Strings)

3. Fried Courgette Blossoms: Bet you didn’t know your veggies grew flowers on top! These courgette blossoms, otherwise known as zucchini flowers, taste surprisingly light and fresh fried up into finger food. (via The Guardian)

4. Candied Rose Petals: Here’s one thing we know for sure: Flowers make the best dessert decoration. And when they’re candied, like these rose petals, they take dessert over the top. (via Une Deux Senses)

5. Dandelion Bread Pudding: The only thing sweet about this take on bread pudding is the addition of fresh dandelions! This savory sister is loaded with the earthy flower, sun-dried tomatoes and gruyere. (via Show Food Chef)

6. Flower Popsicles: Cool down with a flower pop! These icy treats get all their flavor from boiled, dried flowers and look gorgeous when they come out of the freezer. (via Brit + Co.)

7. Zucchini Blossom Fritters: If you’ve got some flower phobes on your hands, give them a taste with these cleverly disguised zucchini blossoms. They’ll never know flowers are hiding inside these crispy, cheesy, herby cakes. (via The Parsley Chef)

8. Orange Ginger Seared Scallops: Instead of your typical herbs, top these citrus-flavored scallops with fresh flowers, like hibiscus or jasmine. (via Encas Récits + Recettes)

9. Lavender Honey Grilled Chicken: One of the best ways to cook with flowers is using flower-infused honey, like the marinade on this lavender-flavored chicken. Once you’re ready to serve, top it off with the real deal bloom. (via Two Stews)

10. Violet Macarons: The classic French cookie sandwich is the perfect match for taking on floral flavor. Use crushed candied violets for the cookies, then sweet violet sugar for the filling. (via Tartelette)

11. Violet Asparagus Risotto: Creamy pasta gets a garden-powered boost from fresh floral violets in this asparagus-packed dish. (via Fashion Flavors Cooking)

12. Poppy Spaghetti: Yes, we love the color too, but poppies are more than just pretty! Put their buds to good use, lending a dreamy flavory to this tasty pasta dish. (via Cooking Me Softly)

13. Asparagus and Goat Cheese: We can’t decide which of this dish’s three components tastes best: The fresh spring asparagus, the fruity orange vinaigrette or the sweetened up goat cheese mixed with fresh sage and borage blossoms. (via The Taste Revelation)

14. Lilac Scones: It’s no surprise such a pretty flower has such a beautiful, aromatic flavor. It’s extra tasty mixed into buttermilk scones and paired with another favorite spring treat: Rhubarb curd. (via Kitchen Vignettes)

15. Lavender Honey Cake: Sure, lavender has a ton of perfumey floral flavor, but it also has a secret hint of citrus, too. Bring that citrus flavor out in this gorgeous honey-infused cake. (via Culinary Concoctions by Peabody)

16. Tempura Flowers: Got the hang of cooking with flowers? Good! Now it’s time to enjoy them all on their own. Just coat your petals in this light tempura batter for some serious decadence. (via Hungry Ghost Food + Travel)

17. Squash Blossom Pesto: This savory spread gets tons of veggie flavor from fresh squash blossoms. It goes a long way on pizza, sandwiches or pasta. (via The Runaway Spoon)

18. Garden Spring Rolls: These spring rolls will be the talk of your next party. Gorgeous flowers peeking through rice paper wrappers are a feast for the eyes, but the earthy bite topped with peanut ginger dressing is all for the taste buds. (via Once Upon a Plate)

19. Vegetable Farfalle: Every forkful of this pasta is loaded with tons of healthy vegetables and a subtle hint of aromatic crushed lavender. (via Lavender the Universal Herb)

20. Bellini Popsicles: It’s your favorite brunch cocktail in a frozen treat! Made with prosecco and fresh peaches, the edible flowers added right before freezing add as much wow as they do flavor. (via Honestly Yum)

21. Sun Tea: Talk about a tea party! First, brew up a batch of this mint, lemon and lavender tea, then serve it with flower ice cubes and fresh blooms. (via Brit + Co.)

22. Lemon Yogurt Parfait: Let’s just go ahead and call this one a big bowl o’ spring. As if fresh lemon yogurt and granola weren’t enough, adding a layer of grassy-flavored pansies, peppery nasturtiums and citrusy carnations takes this breakfast over the top. (via What Should I Eat for Breakfast Today)

23. Smoked Salmon Salad: You’ve gotta try this fresh take on a summer salad. Top a bed of lettuce with smoked salmon, veggies and whatever you have on hand for a healthy lunch. (via Daily Gourmet)

24. Pansy Pancakes: This is our kind of bouquet — this flowery stack is a beautiful way to start the day. (via Laura Ashley)

25. Egg Salad Crostini: Peppery, nutty (that’s from the arugula blossom base) and protein packed, this open-face sandwich is an anytime-of-day kind of meal. (Food + Femininity)

26. Honey Suckle Cordial: Ever try plucking honeysuckles and sucking down the sugary nectar? If you loved that fresh taste, you’ll love this cordial made directly from the sweet flower and fresh lemon. (via Local Milk)

27. Lavender Cupcakes: To make the delicious batter, you might use lavender extract, but to make them look beautiful, you’ll top these cupcakes off with some candied blossoms. (via Twigg Studios)

28. Johnny Jump Cake: Turn a store bought angel cake into a beautiful, showcase-worthy dessert with a cream cheese glaze and fresh Johnny Jump Up flowers. They’re minty — almost like gum — and the perfect pair for a light and airy angel cake. (via Good Housekeeping)

29. Focaccia: What goes better with focaccia than garlic? Garlic flowers, of course. Top this chewy loaf with fresh, flavorful petals. If they’re not in season, sub in rocket or tagetes flower heads. (via Greens of Devon)

30. Honey Lavender Ice Cream: This creamy treat is easy to make with just five ingredients, including fresh lavender. Serve it up with butter cookies or fudgy brownies for one awesome dessert. (via Kitchen Fervor)

Ready to cook with your bouquet? Tell us your favorite flower — edible, of course — below!