If the word “airbrush” brings up memories of the t-shirts you and your besties got on the boardwalk the weekend after senior prom, you’re not alone. Mine was a white tee with my name in large neon letters and a sunset in the background. Oh how I loved that shirt, cheesy as it was. Well, we are here to tell you that airbrushing doesn’t have to be that bad, or that hard to obtain. Crayola has an amazing, kid-friendly airbrush machine that is only $26! I’m pretty sure I paid $40 for that one tee. Simply add your Crayola markers, pump the handle and spray away. One of our favorite qualities of this machine is how many surfaces it can decorate — fabric, card stock and wood are a few we tested and loved. Today we are collaborating with Crayola to make custom airbrushed tees. Read on for the tutorial!


Materials + Tools:

Crayola Airbrush

Crayola Fabric Markers

– stencil

– painter’s tape

– white tee



1. Load the Crayola Fabric Marker into the silver piece of the airbrush gun.

2. Pump the Airbrush machine about 20 times to get enough pressure to spray the marker.

3. Lay the stencil onto the shirt and spray!


Press the marker into the silver tip of the spray gun. Flip the latch down to secure the marker in place.


Pump the machine about 20 times to build up enough pressure to spray the marker. You might need to help your little DIYers with this step, but moms — extra arm workout! Arm-I-rite?!


Press the trigger and become amazed that this little contraption creates awesome airbrushed results.


To avoid muted colors, wash out the inside silver tip of the gun. We also recommend doing a test spray on paper before taking it to your shirt just to make sure you like the color.


Peel away the stencil to reveal your airbrushed design! If you want the clean edge look, grab a Washable Crayola Marker and outline your design.


What we love most is that you don’t need stencils to make amazing designs. Painter’s tape creates clean lines and great results!


We had a blast creating all different kinds of airbrushed tees. The possibilities are endless! Use stencils or tape, or even take a stab at a free-hand design.


Layer colors on top of each other and take advantage of the drips that are created. We especially loved the drips on this popsicle stencil. #summerforever


This little robot was designed by our amazing Rosee! Come check out these great stencils and many more at the Crayola booth at Re:Make.


If you run out of tees, have your kiddo create airbrushed art for your salon wall. Swap out a fabric marker for a Washable Crayola Marker and airbrush onto a piece of paper or card stock.


Mix and match your little one’s art work among your favorite prints.

Excited to get your kids hooked on airbrushing? Bring your kids, your cousins, your neighbor’s kids or your kid’s entire soccer team to the Kid Zone at Re:Make to help them make these awesome kids t-shirts.

Get the Look


Need some pieces to spruce up your walls? Check out the B+C shop for great prints.

1. Stacking Birds Print ($30): We love this almost-but-not-quite abstract bird print from Honey + Bloom.

2. Canvas Wall Art ($0): Don’t forget that there is always a DIY route. Wrap canvases in your favorite fabric scraps for amazing patterned pieces.

3. Hanging Mobiles ($0): Bring some flare to your ceiling with hanging mobiles made out of straws — yes, straws!

What else would you create with the Crayola Airbrush Machine? Tell us in the comments below!

This post is a collaboration with Crayola.

DIY Production and Styling: Kelly Bryden
Photography: Kurt Andre