When you first think of Crayola, you probably think of crayons, markers and amazing amounts of color, right? We do too. But Crayola has stepped it up a notch in the realm of science! This gooey liquid they’ve created turns into a bright (gently) sticky solid within 15 minutes. Your little DIYers are going to have a ball mixing the colors together and creating their own science experiment. Moms, I’m sure you’re thinking, “gooey sticky liquid — that sounds like a huge mess!” Don’t worry — the mess is a breeze to clean up! Crayola, we will forever thank you for that.


Want to try out the Cling Creator? Join us at Re:Make on September 12th, and bring your little ones, because Crayola will be hosting a make station where you can make your own clings! Didn’t make it to Re:Make? Check out all the fun here!

Materials + Tools:

Crayola Cling Creator

– glitter

– X-ACTO knife



1. Squeeze solution B into the clear plastic container until it reaches the B fill line. Then add your favorite color until the solution reaches the A fill line.

2. Cap the solution and drop it into the orange container. Hit the green lever about 20 times until the solution is all shaken up.

3. Pour the solution into your favorite mold. This is the perfect time to add glitter or extra color to your cling!

4. Give your cling about 15 minutes to dry, and then use the red flat tool to peel the cling out of the mold.


Squeeze out enough of solution B to reach the B fill line, then add your favorite color until the solution rises to the A fill line. A little science experiment while crafting — that’s what we like to hear!


Put the cap back on the solution and slide it into the orange cylinder.


Press the green lever about 20 times until the solution is all mixed up!


Pour the solution into the mold and let it sit for about 15 minutes.


Once dry, use the red tool to peel the cling out of its mold.


Jazz up your window clings with some glitter. Add your perfect amount while the cling is still in its liquid form.


Create marbled cling by adding drops of another color straight into the mold. Use the red stir stick to swirl the colors together.


One of our favorite parts of this DIY is the science behind mixing the solution and colors together. Try playing around with it yourself. Create lime green or a bold fall orange.


Hack alert! Help your kids create their own shapes using an X-ACTO knife (make sure to help them use the knife — best to avoid injured fingers!). Pour three rounds of the cling solution into the square mold on the base of the Cling Creator. Wait about 20 minutes for it to dry, and then peel out the square with the red tool.


Our Brit+ Co conference room is always in need of some more color :) and these window clings are just what it needed!


We think your kids will go wild over these Crayola clings! Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

This post is a collaboration with Crayola.

DIY Production + Styling: Kelly Bryden

Photography: Kurt Andre