Everyone loves a beautiful floral centerpiece. But the downside is they don’t last forever — and can be super expensive. And while faux flowers are practical, they’re not necessarily going to wow your guests. If you’re ready to up your entertaining game, scroll on for creative (and out-of-the-ordinary) centerpiece ideas that will make your next dinner party memorable AF.

1. Edible Arrangement: The best part of placing food in the center of your table is that after the meal is over, there’s a lot less cleanup! If you’ve invested in quality ingredients, the rich colors and textures will speak for themselves. (via Sugar & Cloth)

2. Fruit Garland: For an easy and colorful (and amazing-smelling!) option, use halved fresh fruit from your fridge like pink grapefruits, lemons, and limes. Just make sure to get dinner on the table STAT — or your guests might start snacking on them. (via The Party Society)

3. Plastic Animal Toys: Toys aren’t just for kids, and your meal doesn’t have to be safari-themed for animals to bring an exotic flair to the table. Try varying sizes for a dynamic arrangement that takes a walk on the wild side. (via IKEA)

4. Taper Candles: You gotta love a table accent that also takes care of the lighting scheme. Tapered candles with different heights add dimension, and the colors can be selected to match your space or reflect the hues of the season. And of course, your guests will say that your party was lit. (via Sugar & Cloth)

5. Cacti and Succulents: Using cacti and succulents means you won’t have to watch them wither away after the meal ends. They’re lush and visually interesting, and some even occasionally bloom. If you’re a #plantlady-in-training, this could be the start of a beautiful collection. (via Beijos Events)

6. Ombre Harvest Runner: Ombre is everywhere — so why not put it on your table too? Paint mini-pumpkins in warm-toned brights for a look that combines traditional with trendy. (via Oh Happy Day)

7. Branches Chandelier: Who says your centerpiece has to be on the table? If you’re tight on real estate, hanging the decor from above is just as effective — and way more unexpected. A branch chandelier can be decked out with paint, birds, tassels, gems, and more to reflect your personal tastes and style. (via Shop Sweet Things)

8. Balloon Garland: This buoyant choice covers all the bases: quick, cost-effective, and colorful. It also provides a lot of coverage on a large table without dominating the eye line, so it won’t interfere with all your juicy party conversations. (via House That Lars Built)

9. Mini Piñatas: Nothing says party like a piñata! Greet your guests with small unicorns, disco balls, or spicy peppers for an instantly festive vibe. (via Kara’s Party Ideas)

10. Tin Can Herb Garden: Using what you already have around the house is a stress-free way to decorate. Fresh aromas will set the scene for the mouthwatering meal to come, and this centerpiece does some serious double duty: Guests can help themselves to the herbs for drink garnishes. (via Glamour & Grace)

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