After taking a moment to soak in your engagement, it’s time to get planning. While you’re choosing a dress, picking the perfect favors and DIYing your decor, you might also be scoping the Internet for a creative chuppah. There are so many ways to create a chuppah that fits your wedding theme — but you have enough research to do. So instead, just check out these 13 creative chuppahs for some inspo for your own big day.

Color Explosion

1. Color Explosion: So. Much. Color. We’re all about color at Brit + Co, so naturally we’re crushing on this chuppah. (via Lara Hotz)

Books and Lightbulbs

2. Books + Lightbulbs: If you and your sweetie are big readers, you’ll adore this chuppah made entirely from books. Those elegant pillars are AMAZING. (via Dave Robbins Photography)


3. Floral: Florals are great for providing a delicate, intimate vibe. Adding gauzy ribbons to your chuppah amps up the romance factor, especially for outdoor weddings. (via M2 Photography)


4. Ribbons: We’d love nothing more than to get married underneath all these pretty, colorful ribbons. (via Marianne Wilson Photography)


5. Chandelier: This chuppah boasts major elegance with its pretty, draping fabric. Can we talk about that chandelier? So classy. (via Chenin Boutwell Photography)

String Lights

6. String Lights: This chuppah is so simple, yet so chic. Lights strung across a wood chuppah give off a beautiful, starry glow for a magical nighttime ceremony. (via Anahi Navarro Photo Art)


7. Pinwheels: This couple’s bright and cheery wedding was inspired by Disney Pixar’s Up. We love the way they incorporated colorful pinwheels for a fun, whimsical touch. (via Adrienne Gunde)


8. Burlap: Whether you’re going for a beachy wedding or a rustic one, burlap should be your go-to material for DIYing a chuppah to match. (via Oeil Photography)


9. Quilted: A handmade, quilted chuppah is the perfect, cozy addition to a bohemian or summer camp-inspired wedding. (via The Wedding Artists Collective)

Branches and Lights

10. Branches + Lights: Light up your ceremony with this gorgeous, floral chuppah that’s perfect for a romantic, evening wedding. (via Jenny Ebert Photography)

11. Paper Cranes: For this couple, paper cranes held special significance and added a colorful touch to their wedding. DIY a similar chuppah with decor significant to you and your boo. (via Laura Babb)

Modern Lace

12. Modern Lace (contact for pricing): Chuppah Studio offers laser cut chuppahs made from white faux suede for your modern wedding. If you’re looking to cut costs, you can even rent one of these chuppahs for your big day.


13. Tassels: If you’re anything like us, you LOVE tassels. Take your tassel obsession to the next level and DIY a colorful, tasseled chuppah. (via The Image is Found)

Which chuppah is your favorite? Will you DIY a creative chuppah for your own wedding? Chat with us in the comments!