The holidays are here, and as much as you’re excited to attend parties and dinners, sip festive holiday cocktails, and buy some seriously amazing gifts for the people you love, you also know that now is prime time for doing good for others. There are always important causes and organizations out there seeking our support, but, thanks to especially popular holidays, November and December are especially key months for giving and sharing. You’re feeling that pull, right? If you’re looking for more creative and interesting ways to spread holiday cheer this year, look no further. We have six suggestions that will ensure you can celebrate the season while still doing good for those who need it most.

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1. Launch a “give-back club.” You’ve heard of book clubs and wine clubs (maybe you’re even a member). Why shouldn’t there be social groups dedicated to giving back? Gather some pals, set out some snacks, and spend an afternoon this season brainstorming ways you can volunteer or raise money as a group. Then use your next meeting as the first opportunity to get out there and actually do it! Planning a joint financial donation? Make things super easy by setting up team fundraising through GoFundMe. You can test the waters on this idea by simply shifting your existing social club to a give-back focus until the new year. If you love it, keep it going.

2. Host a fundraising cookie swap. Is there anything more fun than a cookie swap? ICYMI, a cookie swap is a party where all the guests bring (you guessed it) cookies. The host provides drinks and festive bags, and everyone takes home a collection of their favorite treats gathered from across the contributions. When you host a cookie swap this year, ask people to bring a $10 donation along with their baked goods, then donate all of that money to a meaningful cause. Trust us — no one’s going to complain about spending a few dollars on delicious cookies and philanthropy.

3. Get active. Giving back doesn’t have to be all about the money. Do a little research to find out which local organizations could use extra hands-on assistance this season. Are there food banks that need help stacking canned goods or shelters that are looking for servers on Christmas morning? Can you help spread the word about a toy drive for kids in need? These opportunities absolutely exist in your town or city. It just takes a little Googling to track them down!

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4. Use your social media for good. This season, use your Facebook and Instagram to do more than just post pictures of your best holiday looks (though we’re sure those are going to be stunning too). Optimize your social media platforms for good by posting links to charitable crowdfunding campaigns and local donation drives. There are endless options available (you can start browsing on GoFundMe for inspiration), so you should have no problem finding a cause that speaks to you. If you really want to go big on this one, why not host a 12 Days of Giving event on your platform of choice?

5. Make gift swaps and potlucks charitable. Chances are that your office has a Secret Santa exchange on tap or that someone in your circle plans an annual holiday potluck event. This year, turn these celebrations upside down — in a good way — by making them easy opportunities to give back. At a potluck, every guest can commit to making a donation or sharing an interesting fundraising campaign in addition to or instead of showing up with a side dish. Rather than bringing silly gifts to an office gift exchange, each colleague can contribute to a cause they care about and share over festive cupcakes and cider why they chose it.

6. Ask for support instead of stuff. If there’s genuinely nothing that you need or want from loved ones this holiday season, don’t be noncommittal with vague statements like, “Get me whatever you want.” Instead, suggest that friends and family donate to a specific organization in your name. Everybody wins!

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