Having to call your bank while traveling is the last thing you want to deal with on vacation, so protecting everything from your Facebook information to your passwords is clutch. We know to reduce risks by not jailbreaking our phones and are all waiting patiently for that sci-fi worthy quantum internet, but Bill Carey, VP of Marketing at password-security company RoboForm, says we should be doing more. Here are his tips for warding off potential hackers and keeping your personal information secure while on the road.


Bill advises us to be particular with our web usage. He says, 鈥淭he two most common ways to expose your personal data while traveling are to use public WiFi or public computers. In general, I鈥檇 avoid these two options when other options are available. If those are your only options, then be sure never to log in to secure sites and risk exposure of your passwords.鈥

As for other options, we鈥檙e excited about the latest in VPN (virtual private network) security with the Opera app. Bill encourages the use of these. 鈥淲hile still not commonplace, using a VPN service is becoming more popular because costs are decreasing and VPNs are becoming easier to use. When you enlist the help of a VPN service, all your communications are encrypted, which makes them unreadable to the outside world.鈥


He also explains that the seemingly innocuous 鈥淔ree WiFi鈥 network should be avoided at all costs. 鈥淪ecurity can be an issue, as it鈥檚 fairly simple to set up a fake network, name it something generic like 鈥淔ree WiFi鈥 and make us travelers think it鈥檚 free access to the Internet. Never use public Wi-Fi to log into secure accounts and risk exposing your usernames and passwords.鈥

Although most of us are aware of these tips, actually doing them when we really want to check our emails can be a struggle. That鈥檚 why Bill says it鈥檚 imperative to be vigilant. Hackers know we have a weakness for refreshing our newsfeeds. Taking ourselves away from the screen and engaging in our travels is always a safe 鈥 and fun! 鈥 option too.

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