Dating apps are designed to keep you single 鈥 or at least, that鈥檚 the philosophy Hinge (that dating app that links you up with Facebook friends of friends) is offering as the reason behind its complete revamp. The app is relaunching today as a 鈥渞elationship app.鈥 Translation: They鈥檙e now focused on getting you a relationship, not just a match.


For anyone who has spent hours聽wading through Tinder profiles in search of something more, this comes as welcome relief.聽Karen Fein, vice president of marketing at Hinge, told聽Brit聽+ Cothat the app鈥檚 relaunch was inspired by an article entitled 鈥Tinder and the Dawn of the Dating Apocalypse.鈥 The article focused on the 鈥済amification鈥 of dating apps and the endless hole users fell into. More swipes, while they may have led to more hook-ups, did not equal more dates.

The new Hinge, Fein said, is 鈥渞edesigned for relationships.鈥 It still works on the same basic principles (the algorithm will link you up with people in your extended social network), but how users approach the experience is now vastly different.聽Instead of swiping, users set up Instagram-like profiles. They are invited to explore their matches鈥 interests and go deeper. A simple match is not the aim of the game here.


And in beta testing, the new approach already seemed to be working. There were five times more conversations sparked and seven times more numbers exchanged. The new app also saw a big increase in IRL meetings (kinda the whole point of dating apps, right?).

However, nothing worth having comes free: Membership to Hinge will now cost users $7/month. Paying for membership will make it easier to 鈥渕eet people who want what you want,鈥澛燜ein said, and keep out those who are more interested in hook-ups than relationships. (People who already had a Hinge account before today will be ushered in with three free months of membership.)

So now feel free to ghost ghosting, swipe left on swiping and even break up with hook-ups. For those looking for something more online: We may have just found your digital match.

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(Photos via Hinge)