It’s time to turn our decorating attention outdoors. Summer is all about spending time outside with friends, and what’s better for that than an enchanting garden oasis where guests want to linger for hours? Whether you have a small apartment balcony or a sprawling patio, check out these 14 creative ideas that will make your deck one of the most comfortable and relaxing parts of your home.

1. Create Distinct Seating Areas: Warmer weather has us doing the majority of our entertaining outside, so make sure there is plenty of cozy seating spaces for all your guests. (via Domaine Home)

2. Use Vertical Space: Get vertical and plant herbs and flowers right up the wall to get maximum greenery in a small space. (via Secret Landscaping)

3. Bring In The Light: You may not think you need to provide lighting outside, but a soft ambient light is an excellent way to create a relaxing vibe like this rooftop retreat. (via Eye Swoon)

4. Get The Glow: Nothing is better for a cozy atmosphere than a fire and if you don’t have the space for open flame, consider groups of oil lamps to get that magical look. (via Domaine Home)

5. Bring In The Pots: Change up the visual layering with potted plants for added natural beauty. (via A Beautiful Mess)

6. Cozy Up: Make the atmosphere feel warm by bringing in textural elements like wool blankets and colorful pillows. (via Decor8)

7. Accessorize and Decorate: Style your outdoor space like you would any other room in your house to add your own personality and flair. (via Elle Decor)

8. Vibrant Colors: Select comfortable furniture to sit back and enjoy your balcony and make it as colorful as you want. (via Casa Sugar)

9. Simple Lines: We love the picnic-like style of this rustic table and bench. (via Domino)

10. Create a Sense of Privacy: You want to be able to fully relax in your outdoor space, so put up some sort of privacy screens like plants, curtains or arbors. (via Hayneedle)

11. Maximize Your Available Space: Even if you have a tiny balcony, you can still fit a cozy sitting space in the corner. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

12. Paint The Floor: How fun are the pretty white fleur-de-lis on this painted deck! (via Uprising)

13. Sleep Under The Stars: How incredible would it be to have a comfy bed for sleeping outside during warm summer nights? (via Prudent Baby)

14. Make It Party-Ready: Follow Nicole Richie’s lead and make sure your patio is ready to host some epic summer bashes all of your friends can toast to. We have all the tips for you to do just that here! (via Domaine)

Are you (re)designing your outdoor spaces this summer? Let us know in the comments below!