Outdoor kitchens are more than just an oversized grill on a patio. They can be outfitted with fridges, stoves, pizza ovens and ice machines, and almost all are accompanied by seating and dining areas, too. Outdoor kitchens allow you to prepare meals and chat with your guests, without having to run back inside for plates, beverages or grilling gadgets every other minute. See for yourself, and get ready to drool over these 25 inspiring outdoor kitchens that take your backyard way beyond weekend BBQs.

1. Pizza Oven: With a grill and a wood fired pizza oven, no one at your house will go hungry. Take some storage and organization tips from this space as well, like built-in trash cans and baskets to hold napkins, glasses and cleaning supplies. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

2. Outdoor Dining: A poolside dining space with a ceiling fan gets the air moving, keeps the kitchen cool and ensures the outdoor party continues all day long. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

3. Top Deck Kitchen: Before building a kitchen on an existing deck, make sure it’s structurally strong enough to support the additional weight. If it’s in the open air, choose surfaces like stainless steel, stone, slate, or tile to be sure it will withstand all kinds of weather. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

4. Fresh Flavors: If you don’t have a full garden in your backyard, surround your outdoor kitchen with potted herbs, tomatoes and peppers for delicious, ready-to-pick ingredients. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

5. Simply Elegant: Outdoor kitchens don’t have to be a grand or expensive undertaking. This little outdoor cooking area only needs one wall worth of space, but has everything you need to cook and lots of counter space for prep work. (via Eric Olsen Design)

6. Modern Lines: Before you build your kitchen, think about the kinds of cooking surfaces you’ll want to use, such as a stand-alone range or a smoking grill. A built-in niche provides a convenient place to tuck a smoking grill when it’s not in use, and shields it from harsh weather. (via Arch Daily)

7. Shady Cooking: A bit of shade can make cooking over the grill much more bearable. This airy portico gives the illusion of an enclosed, private space while still allowing for lots of light and breeze. (via Better Homes and Garden)

8. Open Grilling: Open storage and warm earth tones make this kitchen feel as if it’s one with the outdoor setting. (via Furniteka)

9. Cozy Living Space: We wouldn’t go inside at all this summer if we had this cozy space to enjoy outside. (via Qawoo)

10. Open Concept: It’s half-house, half-patio! The complete wall of sliding glass doors allows this cooking and dining space to completely open up for some epic poolside entertaining. (via Zillow)

11. Hint of Provence: We’re drooling over the concrete and slate accents in this European space. Choosing an easy-to-clean floor like slate makes it simple to sweep up cooking messes and garden debris. (via Things That Inspire)

12. Prep Space: This elegant counter nook has plenty of storage for grilling gadgets, and is connected to running water to make cleaning up a cinch. (via Minimal Home)

13. Pass It Through: The indoor marble counter extends outside to make passing food from the inside dining bar easier. What a fun and functional way to mesh a cooking space and outdoor area together. (via House Beautiful)

14. Stainless Steel: Look for mini appliances when you’re designing your outdoor space. Since you only need to hold enough food and beverages for one or two meals, you can pick affordable, small-space appliances that take up a fraction of the room and use less energy. (via Houzz)

15. Greenhouse Inspired: This Swedish space is light, bright and airy — the perfect complement to any outdoor area. (via Trendir)

16. Courtside: While it can be hard to keep clean, an all-white kitchen gives your backyard a clean and simple focal point. (via House and Leisure)

17. Chic Patio Living: This outdoor grill and prep counter is attached to the patio for effortless indoor/outdoor entertaining. Lousy weather and extra-sunny days can hamper your use of an outdoor kitchen, so having overhead cover is an excellent option. (via Houzz)

18. Private Haven: We are loving the contrast of cedar cabinetry with stainless steel countertops. (via New Eco Landscapes)

19. Gray Tones: A built-in stainless steel BBQ, plenty of cabinetry and a small dishwasher inside this terrace landing make it almost as functional as your indoor kitchen. (via Style At Home)

20. Floating Grill: This sleek countertop doubles as a grilling area and bar seating. (via Houzz)

21. Get Efficient: Nothing is more tiresome than having to traipse back and forth from outside to inside to wash your hands or meal items. Try to include a small, bar-sized sink next to your grill for convenience. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

22. Paint It Black: We adore the simplicity of this outdoor living space. All it takes is a sink and a stove to have all the things you need for a casual, outdoor meal. (via Interior Dec)

23. Mediterranean Tiles: The rustic stone and blue tiles give this cozy space an authentic, Italian feel. We can see lots of delicious meals making their debut in this gorgeous kitchen. (via Houzz)

24. Nantucket Style: Blue countertops reflect the colors of the sky in this extravagant backyard oasis. (via Harper’s Bazaar)

25. White Portico: Pergolas can nicely frame any outdoor cooking area. Fixed lighting and modern furniture combine to make this a highly functional and beautiful area. (via Domaine Home)

Do these outdoor kitchens inspire you to do some backyard entertaining this summer? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter.