Showcasing cactus in an interior isn’t strictly reserved for desert dwellers — this versatile plant has been popping up all over the place for years. Even Pinterest has made it clear that the cactus is here to stay, declaring it *the* plant of 2019 in this year’s home trend forecast. Scroll on for some Insta-inspo to see how you can feature this prickly plant in your space.

1. Brighten Up the Bedroom: Sometimes a ton of plants in the bedroom can look a little messy. Go with a large cactus and some smaller plants for an interior statement with minimal upkeep.

2. Incorporate into Art: Not exactly a plant whisperer? No worries. Work a little cactus magic into your current art situation, and you won’t have to worry about pricking (or re-potting).

3. Insert Texture into a Nursery: Place a faux cactus in the baby’s room for a bold (and kid-friendly) statement.

4. Bring Textiles Together: Plants are a really easy way to marry different patterns and textures. Try a larger cactus for more of a solo statement or a cluster of smaller cacti in patterned pots on the mantel.

5. Show Off Some Organizational Edge: Add a little functionality to this trend and cut down on your watering time with a repurposed vintage brass object.

6. Brighten Up a Workspace: Plants inspire growth and movement, making them a wonderful addition to a desk. Pepper them in with some photographs to help break up the drab stacks of paper and books.

7. Liven Up the Living Room: Accent your shelving and book collections with a tiny plant on top of a stack. A little height and edge will help to keep it from looking too much like a library or waiting room.

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