Checking in with yourself regularly is a great way to stay in tune, practice self-care and ensure that you’re living your best life. As an added bonus, being happy and healthy will give you the awesome energy you need to care for the people you love while crushing your professional goals. Read on for 10 powerful questions that’ll help you self-assess; your answers could change your entire life.

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1. What are my values? Am I being true to them? Your personal values can serve as your north star, helping you make key decisions in many different areas in your life; they can also give you validation and comfort about choices you make and how you act toward yourself and others each day. Ready to clearly define yours? Jot down the 1-3 most important aspects of relationships (family, friends, romantic relationships), work, health, sex, and spirituality. Refer back to what you’ve written, and check in with yourself regularly to make sure your actions line up with what you care about.

2. What do I feel grateful for in this moment? Incorporating gratitude practice into your life will open your eyes to a ton of amazing things, even the tiny ones you might’ve previously missed. Focusing on what’s going well is a surefire way to become a more positive person, which will lead you down a happier and healthier path.

3. What truly makes me feel happy? It might sound super basic, but do you really know what makes you happiest, and are you honest with yourself about whatever it is? It’s tough to prevent judgment, expectations, or “shoulds” from creeping in, but working hard to stay true to what you love is the only way to get and do the things you really want.

4. If I achieved my goals right now, how would I feel? Needing instant gratification can get in the way of being totally happy — but delayed gratification, or waiting to feel successful or joyous, can also prevent you from living your best life. Honor your hard work on any goal or good habit by allowing yourself to acknowledge progress and enjoy positive emotions (such as feeling proud) in the moment. Achieving your outcome will be the icing on the cake!

5. How can I be healthier? Taking steps toward your healthiest self will give you great energy and make life even more fun. Be sure to address your sleep schedule, diet, exercise, relationships, as well as your overall mental health when taking stock of your current status. Once you’ve clearly identified areas where you can improve, plot out how you can change — and get to work on it ASAP without excuses (and without being too hard on yourself).

6. What can I do to improve my relationships? Your relationships (personal and professional) are among the most important things in your life. Can you do a better job compromising with a tough coworker to help your team? How about ditching your tendancy to be stubborn with your siblings? Communicate well and express how you feel, and you’ll see how quickly your life can change.

7. What (or who) did I make better today? Whether you completed a project, helped a friend, or treated yourself well, commend yourself for a job well done. Feeling good vibes will help you attract more of the same, which is always a good thing.

8. Why don’t I do the things I should be doing? On the other hand, is there something you wanted to do that you haven’t gotten around to yet? Ask yourself why in order to uncover the things that overwhelm or paralyze you. Once you know what they are, figure out how you can prevent procrastination or fear from holding you back. Trusted friends, colleagues, and mentors can be a great source of help and support.

9. How can I save more money? Money might not buy happiness, but having a decent rainy day fund can help save you worry and stress, and allow you the freedom to do things you might not have been able to otherwise, like a last-minute trip, or work sabbatical. Make saving a small amount every day a habit and you’ll be shocked at how quickly your cash adds up.

10. What’s the worst thing that might happen? A friendly PSA: You don’t have to accept things the way they are; you can push forward to challenge yourself and try new things. Consider the worst-case scenario when decision making, and if it’s not so bad, why not give your idea a go? You’ve got this.

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