Curly-haired girls, this one’s for you. We know you’re always looking for more ways to style your ringlets in a modern way. And to get that you need to be footloose and fancy free. So forget matronly or flat-against-the-scalp ‘dos. If you got it, flaunt it! Work that curl into the lioness mane you were born to rock. A genius, easy way to do that is to play up your natural curls and create a deep part for voluminous waves no one can tame.

Step 1: Frame Your Face With Curls


Use a clip-less curling rod to strategically curl little sections of hair. Since you already have curly hair, you only need to curl pieces that are frizzy or not as bouncy. Focus on designing face-framing curls. Create tighter curls near the scalp or wherever you need more lift for extra height and volume. Pro Tip: Curling your hair on one side of your head may be easier than on the other. When curling your hair on the opposite (harder) side, angle the curling iron downward rather than upward to keep the curls consistent on both sides.

Step 2: Shake It Off


Now, shake out those curls, gurrl! We’re dubbing this hair shake #thecurlgurl. This step is key for letting those big bouncy curls let loose.

Step 3: Part and Pin


Create a severe part to maximize volume on one side and create a come-hither look on the other. Tuck the remaining hair on the less voluminous side into place with a pin. If you really want to make a statement, reach for a few dressy hair pins.

Step 4: Touch Up Curls


Use the same curling iron you used earlier to give a little bounce to curls in the back of the head. We want the final result to look fresh, natural and flirty, so use a quick curling motion. A few seconds of heat are all your curls need to bounce back into place.

Step 5: Set It


Set with an anti-humidity hair spray or our fave sea salt texture spray and you’re good…. well, you’re more than good. You’re a lioness, and nothing is standing in your way today.


Are you going to give this hair twirling technique a whirl? Let us know how you let your inner lioness roar!

(Photography by Cassandra Eldridge | Modelling by Lindsey Gonzalez | Makeup by Brenda Arelano)