When the world is fawning over straight hair and beachy waves, we know it can be hard to rock your natural curls with confidence. But you were never one to blend into the crowd, were you? So ditch the flat irons and embrace your kinks and coils. It’s time to get inspired by 18 of our favorite curly hair updos to help you flaunt those curlies in style.

1. Curly Topknot: Topknots are one of our favorite updos, and curly girls can get in on the action, too. All you need is a sock bun. (via Hair Romance)

2. Piled High Bun: Gather those curls atop your head for a simple yet chic bun that will wow. (via Blonde Bedhead)

3. Swiss Braid Updo: This classy updo, aka the “Heidi Doody,” is super versatile and can be worn for just about any occasion. Whether you’re heading back to school, at the office or spending a night out on the town, this style will keep your curls in check. (via Mr. Kate)

4. Ballerina Bun: Just because you’re not a ballerina doesn’t mean you can’t copy their style. Collect your curlies and rock a neat + sleek high bun. (via Un’ruly)

5. Messy Topknot: For this look, twist your curls up into a pretty knotted bun. Pin as needed, but be sure to keep it a little messy for an #iwokeuplikethis ‘do. (via Brit + Co)

6. Classic Pony: Show off those curls in a chic pony. Instead of using a regular hair elastic, try using a hair bungee to create the perfect ponytail. (via Hair Romance)

7. Scarf: Keep those curlies away from your face on the last hot days of summer. Pull your hair up and have fun accessorizing with your favorite scarves and headbands. This is a great style for second-day hair. (via Mr. Kate)

8. Wavy Braided Pony: This one is for all the ladies with just a little bit of curl in their mane. Spice up your everyday pony with loose and wavy braids. (via Angel Food Style)

9. The Clip Bouffant: Achieve this style by creating volume in your ponytail, then rolling your hair into a French twist. Secure with a clip and add a headband for extra style. (via Delightfully Tacky)

10. The S Bun: If your hair is curly and thick, this is just the updo for keeping all that hair under control. (via The Beauty Department)

11. Bow Bun: Forget adding a bow to your hair… just make a bow out of your hair. We think this look would be totally cute for a day out shopping or just lounging at home. (via Mr. Kate)

12. Double Bun: This look is double the fun. (See what we did there?) Just divide your hair into two sections and twist each into a small bun. (via Hair Romance)

13. Tuck + Roll: All you need to create this easy updo is an elastic headband. Place it over your hair, and, like the name implies, just tuck and roll your hair. Easy peasy! It’s perfect for those busymornings. (viaDelightfully Tacky)

14. Bohemian Updo: We think this tousled and braided hairstyle would look fabulous on any boho bride. (via Rock My Wedding)

15. Pompadour: Twist your locks into a retro-inspired updo that’s perfect for keeping those crazy curls in place. (via Ballou’s Cues)

16. Curly Chignon: For this sweet and romantic updo, create a low bun with the bottom half of your hair. Next, twist the top half of your hair into the bun for fierce and fancy style. (via The Beauty Department)

17. Twist + Pin: This hairstyle is literally as simple as twisting and pinning pieces of your hair. Just remember to keep sections roughly the same size for a consistent look. (via Hair Romance)

18. Messy French Twist: Grab those curls and tuck them vertically up the back of your head. For a softer look, be sure to leave a few loose pieces for the “messy” effect. (via Delightfully Tacky)

What’s your favorite curly hair updo? How do you style your curly locks? Let us know in the comments!