For all of you curly-haired mavens out there, get ready to let those locks loose. We’ve got the dish on the best advice, style tips and beauty hacks for your spiral mop top. Ditch unruly strands and frizz, up your style factor and flaunt those coils. If you’ve been blessed with a curly coif, you’re in luck. We gathered a collection of the best curly hair beauty blogs that are sure to take the kink outta your curls.

1. Curly Nikki: Nikki believes, “If you’re not feeling your hair… you’re not feeling yourself.” As a licensed psychotherapist, author, established blogger and natural hair lover, Curly Nikki is basically every curly haired gal’s superwoman. If you understand the struggles of living the curly life, then get to Curly Nikki for your online “hair therapy session.” This site serves as an educational tool and a platform to share experiences, frustrations and triumphs of whatever sits atop your head.

2. Curl Talk: This blog is brought to you by the “Queen of Curl,” Ouidad — a pioneer in helping women love their curls. In 1984, she opened the first salon in the country to cater exclusively to curly hair. Since then, her trademarked styling and cutting techniques have swept the nation. If you need to beautify your curls, get fab ideas on style or simply want to understand curly hair, you’ll find no greater expert than Ouidad.

3. K Is for Kinky: Here is the kinky girl’s guide to healthy hair, fresh style and living well. K Is for Kinky is your go-to source for all things beauty, fashion, love, life and, of course, all things curly — styles, tips and products. Get kinky and stay stylish.

4. Curl Box: Okay, girls with curls know all about the trials and tribulations, not to mention, a large part of the piggy bank that is devoted to finding the perfect hair product, am I right? Well, you’ve just found your new hair BFF. Thanks to CEO and founder Myleik Teele, curlBOX is an affordable way to explore new hair products by delivering hand-selected curly hair products to your doorstep every month. Feed your inner product junkie and get on over to the curlBOX blog to stay in the loop with hair products, style, fashion and makeup.

5. Naturally Glam: Get glam with this blog that’s totally passionate about naturally curly hair. Get the scoop on hair, style, health, beauty, food and entertainment. Natural Glam is your source for product reviews, budget friendly fashion and makeup looks. P.S. Don’t skip out on Naturally Glam’s YouTube channel to keep up with the latest hairstyle tutorials.

6. Curly Buzz: For girls seeking to free their natural curls, we’ve found your buzz. Curly Buzz is a blog created by DevaCurl, a top-rated brand for naturally curly hair. Consider Curly Buzz your space to discover and share curly testaments, awesome tutorials and tons of curly lifestyle tips. For naturally textured, original and curly girls everywhere, this is your online, social community.

7. Naturally Curly: This dynamic social platform is the curly girl’s treasure trove for all things curls, coils and waves with articles like, 14 Ways to Unlock Your Second Day Hair as well as tutorials, recipes, tops salons, products and more. Want to know how the weather will affect your hair on a given day? No sweat, Naturally Curly even offers a Frizz Forecast so you can protect your hair before it’s too late.

8. The Beauty Department: Developed by beauty bloggers, Amy and Kristen, these two tag team The Beauty Department to dish out all sorts of fabulous inspirations on hair and makeup. While this blog is not entirely devoted to curly hair, you’ll find your fair share of tutorials, tips and styles to obsess over like, Tool Time for Curly Hair or the Vintage Curl Tutorial.

9. Curl on a Mission: Want to bring out the best in your natural curls? You’re in luck because beauty blogger, Thaïs is on a mission to document and share her experiences of a girl with natural curls. Check out product reviews, tips on how to keep hair healthy, styling methods, fashion and a bit of travel. Keep up with Curl on a Mission’s adventures and be inspired to bring out the best in your curls

10. Beauty High: Brimming with beauty lessons, stories, how-to’s, trends, makeovers and wellness, Beauty High is your school for style. Delve in and give yourself time ’cause you’ll get sucked into scrolling through all the fabulous info Beauty High has to offer. While not entirely devoted to girls with curls, Beauty High is certainly in the loop when it comes to all things curly.

11. Tall ‘n’ Curly: A brilliant graphic designer and illustrator known as “N Curly” shares her love/hate relationship with being tall and naturally curly through comics. Learn a thing or two about styling and caring for curly hair, get great tips on beauty and health, share in the aggravations and achievements, all while having a few laughs over Tall ‘n’ Curly’s entertaining illustrations.

12. Curl Stylist: Finally, there’s a space for those in the industry to learn about curly hair, how to care for curls and how to make them look spectacular. Thanks to Curl Stylist, all stylists now have a place of their own to share and learn from each other while keeping up with the latest advances, fashions and secrets for curly hair. This blog shares tips for cutting, styling, texturizing, products, tools and even know-how on running a business. Phew!

Are you a Curly Q? If so, keep us in the loop with your best beauty tips in the comments below.