From thoughtful DIY treasures for your long-distance BFF to that perfect present for the dude in your life, finding the right gift can be a cinch. But that’s only half the battle — you still have to wrap the present, which can be tough to do, especially if it’s an unusual shape or size. Thankfully, Jung Lee, the expert designer and owner of the exquisite home decor store Jung Lee NY, gave us some of her tried and true tips for making your gift presentation just as special as the present you’re giving, no matter the type or dimensions. Scroll on for five secrets that’ll help you put pretty papers, ribbons, bows and your creative spirit to use this holiday season.

Christmas gifts in paper and tied

1. Pick paper with subtle prints. Jung tells us that she loves to use very simple or subtle prints instead of those with lots going on, as the busier prints might detract from the gift (or unique shape of it) itself. “I typically say to go for tonal or simple paper,” she tells us. The same applies if you’re using a gift bag, which come in a ton of colors and sizes. To make it extra personal, think about using paper in the recipient’s favorite color.

2. Mix and match textures. Jung says she’s all about texture when it comes to wrapping presents — even oddly shaped ones! “For example, you could choose a nice matte green paper and pair it with a silk satin ribbon,” she says. “These can definitely be the same color, or you can switch it up and choose different colors.” She promises that incorporating new textures will make whatever you’re wrapping look super special.

3. Put wide ribbons and big bows to work. Jung let us know that wide ribbons and large bows will add to the gift without getting too overwhelming, regardless of the unusual size and shape of your present. “Truthfully, I don’t like to use skinny ribbons,” she confesses. As for store-bought bows, she says going big is the trick here too.

Pro tip: The adhesive tape on store bows is not very strong, so make sure to get a glue stick to really stick it on.

Christmas vintage presents

4. Embellish away! Jung promises that a little greenery — be it evergreen, holiday ball, small bells or candy — will make an extra special presentation. Just remember to choose ornaments or extra touches that won’t break easily, especially if you’re traveling or your gift is hard to pick up and carry.

Jung says you can also consider neat embellishments that reflect the character of the gift you’re giving. “For example, if you have an organic or a homemade gift, think about using use yarn instead of ribbon.” You might be surprised what a beautiful and memorable difference it makes!

5. Add your own creative touches. Plain colored paper definitely doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, it can serve as a blank canvas to let your creativity take over. Jung notes, “I like to use craft paper or black paper that you can write on with chalk or chalk marker. It becomes a small card alongside the wrapping and decoration.” She says to think about sketching out something fun or festive, like a reindeer or a snowman.

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