As a teen, did you spend countless hours flipping through fashion magazines like Vogue, Elle, and Seventeen (!), wishing you could draw the stylish threads you saw? Us too. Well, we’re about to make those fashion-drawing dreams a reality! We’ve teamed up with fashion illustrator and author of Draw Fashion Now: Techniques, Inspiration, and Ideas for Illustrating and Imagining Your Designs, Danielle Meder, to show us all how to illustrate fashion figures, from street style to runway in our Digital Fashion Illustration Class.

In Digital Fashion Illustration: Sketching Street Style to Runway, Danielle Meder will teach you to draw fashion on the fly, arming you with the techniques you need to draw quick spontaneous sketches whenever inspiration strikes with your handy iPad. Meder is all about fluid movements and helping her students find their own spin on this type of illustration. It’s not about achieving a perfectly accurate drawing — it’s about capturing movement, emotion, and your own sense of style. Catch a sneak peek of the class below.

In this class, you’ll learn:

  • How to use your iPad and Apple pencil to sketch fashion figures
  • How to use templates and guidelines to practice proper proportions
  • The art of live sketching, AKA drawings created spontaneously in the moment

As an extra bonus, students who enroll in the class will get an exclusive course workbook that Danielle helped create just for you! Use it as a reference as you make your way through this awesome fashion illustration course, and refer back to it when you bring your skills to the runway or a sidewalk cafe ;)

Are you ready to capture the catwalk in your own unique way? Sign up for the Digital Fashion Illustration class today.