Is there a grownup, digital version of reading your comic book during school by hiding it inside a textbook? If so, we might need to do that this afternoon. The Disney Movies Anywhere launches for iOS today, bringing over 400 streaming Disney movies to our iPhones, iPads and Apple TV.

All your favorite classics like Newsies and The Little Mermaid (!!) mingle with newbies like Frozen (out digitally today!) and Thor (hay, Chris Hemsworth). Even movies that are locked up in the vault like Cinderella are available to stream here.

This is the ultimate download for the Disney collector looking to expand their digital stash and cash in on exclusive bonus features with each flick. Link the app to your iTunes account and either download the movies directly to your phone or stream them from the cloud, which is likely Mickey Mouse-shaped. You can rack up your Disney Movies Rewards on the app, nabbing bonus points for certain downloads. Unfortunately there’s not an all-access, monthly subscription option but a lot of the movies here aren’t available anywhere else but your parents’ old VCR. Nope, they’re not even all streaming on Netflix.

Right now, you’ll get The Incredibles for free just for signing up and from there, you can relive your confusing Captain Jack Sparrow crush in all of the Pirates of the Caribbeans. Let the kiddies watch Cars in the car. Download Frozen way before you could buy it on Blu-Ray and do your best Idina Menzel until your neighbors bust out the broom.

Okay, time to get goofy — what’s your favorite Disney movie from then and now?

(Photos: Disney – thanks, Walt!)