What’s the one app or gadget that has changed your life?

Last week, I asked all of my Twitter, Facebook and Google+ followers this very question. The only rule was that they couldn’t say their smartphone (that one’s a no brainer!). It was really interesting to see the flurry of replies and I thought I’d share them here for you all to check out.

Didn’t get a chance to respond? Let us know your answer using the comments below and we’ll add them to our counts! And remember, you can’t pick your phone!

Reading + Writing

Kindle (and Kindle Fire): This device makes reading on your commute or while traveling so much easier. With the recent announcement regarding new features and improvements to the software, this might become even more of a must-have soon.

iPad: I get why this was such a popular response: The iPad is such a convenient device for doing just about anything digital without lugging your laptop around.


Mahjong Worlds: This app brings the classic game into the digital era with fun graphics and bright colors.

Angry Birds: If you’ve never played this game, it’s kind of hard to explain. There are birds and weird green pigs… We’re not sure why, but it’s crazy addicting. (P.S. Amazing nails on the image above, right?)

Nintendo: I absolutely love the fun, retro gamingaesthetic, but let’s not forget how awesome it was to actually play Nintendo! I challenge you to a game of Mario ;) (via Brandon)


Foursquare: This is such a great app that it has even inspired custom jewelry. I love it as a way of tracking adventures or remembering an epic roadtrip.

Facebook: Keeping up with friends and family from afar is made ridiculously easy with the Facebook app.

Hootsuite: Hootsuite lets you manage your social media accounts from a single app.

Tweetbot: A well-designed app for managing your Twitter account on-the-go.

Echofon: If you use Twitter across multiple devices (iPhone, iPad, desktop…), Echofon will help you manage your activity across all of these platforms.

Pager: As much as I love my smartphone, let’s give a shoutout to this classic way to keep in touch on-the-go.


Flat Screen HDTV: This takes curling up on the couch to watch some TV to a whole new level.

Litebrite: This gave us all hours of entertainment as ’90s kids. (Thanks to @stylistdiva for reminding us about this one!)

DVR: With a busy schedule, I’m not always home when my favorite shows are on. Now I can catch them whenever I have the chance. (And no commercials!)

Vitamix: Get your blend on! Might I suggest some Very Berry Mojito Slushies?

Netflix: There are actually a lot of ways to watch movies online, but Netflix is an oldie but goodie that has never let us down.

GPS: This is definitely a must-have for the directionally-challenged among us!


Expensify: We love using Expensify to make business-related expenses so much easier to track!

Logitech Ultrathin Bluetooth Keyboard: Keyboard innovations take all of your other tech up a notch.

Computer: Can’t forget this one. It’s changed how we do basically everything… and I love it!

Duracell iPhone Rechargeable Battery: For those of us who are smartphone addicts, keeping that battery charged is a never-ending battle and we can use all the help we can get. (via Katie)

Remembering Stuff
 Pinterest: With the newly launched Pinterest apps, this one has only gotten more awesome… and more addicting!

Evernote: We’ve always loved Evernote for it’s ability to keep all sorts of information organized digitally, and now we love it even more since it’s entered the analog realm with the world’s coolest notebook!

USB Stick: Keeping important info with you wherever you find yourself is as easy as throwing one of these in your purse.


Songza: This app helps you discover the perfect music for virtually any occasion, from getting ready for work to throwing an epic bash.

Pandora: Cultivate your own radio stations based on your personal taste with this app.

Walkman: Portable music is so central to our happiness on long commutes so let’s remember what we used to rock out to the Spice Girls on the bus to school! (via Ruben and Cesar)

iPod: The iPod introduced us to the ability to have a really extensive portable music library. But let’s be real, it’s really not complete without a pair of audio ear muffs ;)


Camera: It’s no secret that we love photography and portable cameras are the perfect way to capture all of our favorite memories.

Instagram: This is one of the most addicting apps of all time and has inspired a bunch of cool products related to its vintage filters and fun editing.

Hipstamatic: Another way to turn iPhone snaps into memorable photos with unique filters.

Retro Camera: There are few things that we here at Brit HQ swoon over more than a gorgeous and funky retro camera. (Get the aesthetic on your iPhone with one of these awesome cases.)


Fitbit: The FitBit is a great way to track your activity throughout the day and to hold yourself accountable for staying active even with a busy schedule. (via Jeff)

Nike+ Fuelband: This gadget is a phenomenal fitness tracker with a great battery life and Nike+ GPS integration that makes going for a run way more fun.

Hearing Aid: Let’s not forget the medical advances that have let gadgets vastly improve people’s lives.

MyFitnessPal: This app makes counting calories super easy for a little extra help sticking to your diet.

Electric Toothbrush: Now, flash those pearly whites :)

Come on, tell us what you think! Which app or gadget do you swear by? Talk to us in the comments below or over on Twitter.