Have you ever wondered how Disney princesses would brunch if they were 21? (If you were wondering, the oldest princess is Tiana and she’s 19 years old.)

Personally, I am a firm believer that Disney movies are not just for children, but that they’re wonderful for people of all ages. As a huge Disney fan, I am constantly inspired by film’s beautiful art, magical music, and graceful heroines. I think I subconsciously infuse Disney into most aspects of my life, whether it’s a Halloween costume, everyday outfits, or even boozy brunches!

This month, Karen, Design Assistant at Brit + Co, and I got *super* into putting together five adult brunches inspired by five Disney princesses. Now the question is… will you be able to guess which princess inspired each brunch? Read on to find out!

1.The Little Mermaid: First up is a brunch inspired by the OG mermaid, Ariel, from The Little Mermaid. We designed this boozy brunch to reflect Ariel’s journey from sea to shore and included countless references to the movie, including a signature, Life Is the Bubbles cocktail. Trust us: You’ll totally want this brunch to be part of your world.

2.Frozen: This next brunch is fit for a queen, or should I say an ice queen? This Elsa-inspired brunch combines the tastiest snowy treats with the perfect wintry decorations. See how we brought Frozen to life with this boozy spread. Don’t let it go!

3.Moana: Palm fronds, tiki drinks, and lots of tropical fruity flavors make this Moana-inspired boozy brunch. If you’re like Moana and you love the sea, you’ll definitely want to throw this island-esque brunch party. What can I say except you’re welcome?

4.Tangled: This setup is as magical as the floating lights in Tangled. Throw a brunch like Rapunzel by putting together a spread of floral and fruity dishes and serving a cocktail inspired by the magical golden flower. And at last, we see the light!

5.Princess and the Frog: Feel like you’re down in New Orleans with this Princess and the Frog-inspired brunch. This table setting will take you to the bayou, but the food and drink will make you feel like you’re dining at Tiana’s Place. Dreams do come true in New Orleans!

Which Disney princess will inspire your next brunch party? Share your photos on Instagram using #britstagram, and follow us on Pinterest for more party ideas.

Author: Irene Lee
DIY Production and Styling: Karen Pham and Irene Lee
 Photography: Brittany Griffin and Kurt Andre