I don鈥檛 know about you, but in San Francisco, the sun is starting to shine warmer and brighter, and I鈥檓 getting really excited to plan my spring and summer trips! I already know where I鈥檓 going鈥 Disneyland!!!!

I firmly believe that Disneyland is for everyone. Even if you鈥檙e so-called 鈥渘ot a fan of Disney,鈥 you can still appreciate the detail and thought that鈥檚 put into the park鈥檚 design and operations. I鈥檓 *definitely* a huge fan of Disneyland, and I鈥檝e been at least 100 times (and I haven鈥檛 gotten sick of it!). As a Disneyland expert, I also have to dress the part, and I have lots of Disney apparel that 鈥 trust me 鈥 is really, really cute. Unfortunately, Disneyland merchandise is not cheap, and for me to have multiple Disney pieces, I decided to get creative and DIY my own bags, shirts, and mouse ears. Today, I鈥檓 showing you how to do it all. Read on!


Look 1: Boho Minnie

When at Disneyland, you can still channel your inner flower child while staying true to the Disney theme. We assembled our outfit with flower crown Minnie ears, a Minnie crossbody bag, and mouse ear sandals.


Flower Crown Minnie Ears:


Use the glass to trace two circles on the black felt. Draw rectangular 鈥渢abs鈥 on the circles and cut out. Glue the tabs on a black headband. Glue flowers around the headband. You鈥檙e done!

Minnie Crossbody Bag:
This super cute bag is actually a Kate Spade x Disney copycat! It鈥檚 not in stock anymore, but it was priced in the $200-300 range, so all the more reason to DIY your own.


I bought this Alyssa Double Zip Half Moon Crossbody Bag Black ($22) from Amazon and cut ears out of stiff black felt and faux leather by tracing the rim of a glass. I hot glued the felt and the leather together to make two firm ears. Then I used leather glue to glue the ears in the middle of the bag. I stitched a couple of hand stitches too, to make sure they were extra secure. Then, I made a bow out of gold ribbon and glued it to the front of the bag.

Disney_Bounding_073 2

Minnie Mouse Sandals:

This one is super easy! I bought these Sandalup Gladiator Sandals ($9) from Amazon and glued soft felt circles to the backs of the straps. That鈥檚 it!


Look #2: Street-Style Minnie

You may not have met Minnie鈥檚 alter-ego, Minnie from the Block.


Minnie Sweatshirt:

Using fabric glue, attach black sequin ribbon on your sweatshirt in a circle formation, stopping when you feel like the head is as large as you want it to be. Then, glue sequin ribbon in circles on the right and left tops of the circle to make ears. Sew on a bow, if you want to make a Minnie Mouse, or leave it as-is if you want a Mickey.


Minnie Polka-Dot Trucker Hat:

This polka-dot trucker hat is also a Disneyland Parks Official Snapback Cap ($33) copycat. I love it, and with a price around $30, it鈥檚 not a huge splurge, but if I鈥檓 also buying a corn dog and ice cream that day (which, let鈥檚 be real: I am), my spendings definitely add up! This DIY copycat is really easy, so you have no excuse to not to do it.


Trace two circles on stiff black felt, and draw tabs on each one of them. Cut them out. Cut two slits the size of your tabs into a Dalix Red Cotton Cap ($6) and stick an ear in each slit. Glue the tabs on the inside of the hat. Use the inside of a washi tape roll to trace circles on white felt and cut them out. Use fabric glue to glue them all over a red hat. Sew an Offray Polka Dot Ribbon ($3) bow on top.


Minnie Polka Dot Sequin Backpack:

Ready for another Disneyland merch copycat? It鈥檚 this backpack! Gosh, I love this backpack. This DIY is a copycat of this Disney Parks Minnie Mouse Sequin Backpack, which is $70. No thanks! It鈥檚 way cheaper to do this easy DIY.


With hot glue, attach white sequin ribbon in circle formations all over a Z-joyee Backpack ($27). Then sew or glue a red and white polka dot ribbon to the top middle of the backpack flap. Cut two circles out of stiff black felt and glue or stitch onto the back of the backpack. You鈥檙e done!


Rockin鈥 that street style, Minnie!

Look #3: Classic Minnie

So if boho vibes or street style isn鈥檛 really your thing, go for the classic Minnie Mouse look of full skirt and bow ears. Minnie Mouse is a style icon, after all!


Minnie Slip-on Shoes:

The shoes are even easier to do! On a pair of white Lano Slip-on Canvas Shoes ($15), paint three black semi-circles at the tops of the shoes to form Mickey faces.


To make Mouse elbow patches, draw two Mickeys on the soft black felt and cut out. Stitch them on the elbows of a HuHot Baseball Tee ($15). You might want to try on the shirt first to make sure you鈥檙e adding the elbow patches where your elbows hit the sleeves.


Yet another Disney Parks merch copycat! You will see these classic Disney Minnie Mouse Ears ($25) everywhere in Disneyland, and while they鈥檙e not the most expensive, you can definitely make them for $5. I made these ears the same way as I made the boho flower crown Minnie ears, earlier in this article. Instead of gluing flowers all over the headband, I glued a red and white polka dot ribbon bow in between the ears.


And there you have it! Three ways to show off your Disney side!

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DIY Production and Styling: Irene Lee
Photography: Chris Andre

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