The tale as old as time is finally hitting the big screen, again! If you haven鈥檛 seen the Beauty and the Beast teaser trailer yet, stop what you鈥檙e doing and watch it, NOW. After you let the reality of this live action version of one of your fave Disney classics set in (and with Emma Watson, no less!), you鈥檒l want to turn your attention to the diehard Disney聽tattoos below. These magical Beauty and the Beast tats go above and beyond those Belle-inspired Halloween costumes and are as permanent as your fondness for this ultra-romantic Disney tale. Whether you want to display your love of happily ever after or want to proudly rock a tat featuring your Disney princess hero, scroll through these fairytale-inspired tattoos and find your next romantic ink.

1. Belle and the Beast: Who could forget their iconic dance? Belle and the Beast are arguably one of the most romantic Disney couples, as their romance blossomed over time instead of the typical love at first sight found in most Disney tales. Commemorate this special dance with an artistic watercolor version.

2. Lumi猫re: Be our guest! While Lumi猫re did serve as a constant instigator for romance between Belle and the Beast, let鈥檚 not forget this cute candelabra was also the *perfect* host. Show off your hostess with the mostess attitude with a fun and enchanting Lumi猫re tat.

3. Mirror: Give your BATB tattoo a retro flare by skipping the whimsical blues and yellows and opting for some sultry red and black instead. This pinup tat proves that just because you鈥檙e sporting Disney-inspired ink, doesn鈥檛 mean you can鈥檛 find new ways to make it your own.

4. Chip: Flaunt your playful spirit with this sweet and chipper tat (see what we did there?). Pair with bubbles for a cute kitchen scene, and whatever you do, definitely opt for watercolor accents.

5. The End: So you鈥檙e a firm believer in happily ever after. Get a tat of the final scene with the king and queen to show that in your heart, true love really does conquer all.

6. Disney Collection: To you, Disney movies aren鈥檛 just a fond childhood memory 鈥 they鈥檙e a full-blown obsession. Wear a tattoo (or five) that shows off your steadfast Disney love with some simple watercolor character sketches (including our girl Belle, of course!).

7. The Whole Story: Why sport just one aspect of your fave Disney movie when you can wear them all? This tat flawlessly displays several different symbols from the sweet love story: the castle, Beast in the mirror, roses and Belle. Talk about a perfect Dinsey-inspired vignette.

8. Tale As Old As Time: This song still makes our hearts melt. Display your soft spot for good old-fashioned love stories with an ink that鈥檚 as old as time.

9. Belle: Belle is the essence of beauty, inside and out. Her name even means beauty! Get a tat that reps your favorite Disney princess in all her strong, smart and truly stunning glory.

10. Rose: As we all know, true beauty comes from within. Remind yourself of this empowering fact on the daily with a permanent image of the enchantress鈥檚 glass-encased rose.

11. Mrs. Potts + Chip: She鈥檚 the Mrs. Potts to your Chip (or vice versa). Get a tat that perfectly symbolizes motherly love with a tattoo of this heartwarming mother-and-child duo.

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