No matter how many years it’s been since you watched The Lion King or Cinderella for the first time, if you’re a true Disney lover there’s a pretty good chance the last time you watched your favorite childhood film (read: favorite film of all time) is within the last year. No shame: We still dress up in our favorite disney princess costume on Halloween and cue up Lady and the Tramp when we’re feeling blue after a bad breakup. If you’re looking for a permanent way to declare your love for all things animated, consider expressing your nostalgia through body art. For all those grown ups out there still hopelessly addicted to the magic and charm that these flicks embody, we found 14 gorgeous Disney tattoos to inspire your own superfan homage in ink.

Enchanted Rose

1. Enchanted Rose: We all know that true beauty lies within. Remind yourself on the daily with a permanent image of the enchantress’s rose from Beauty and the Beast. (via @pauline_versaille)

Never Grow Up

2. Never Grow Up: Keep your ink subtle by putting it in an easily hidden spot. This watercolor tattoo of Pan, Wendy and the boys flying to Neverland is the stuff dreams are made of. (via @tattooist_banul)

Remember Who You Are

3. Remember Who You Are: Whenever you watch The Lion King, you get chills when Rafiki smudges out an image of Simba with his thumb, right? This geometric rendering of the classic scene is super on trend. (via @tattoosbysantiago)

Disney Key

4. Disney Key: If you’re a perennial season pass holder at Disneyland, what better way to accessorize your Minnie Mouse ears than with a key to match? We’re loving the vintage-inspired feel of this one. (via @tarazeptattoos)

Let It Go

5. Let It Go: Wear your Frozen fandom on your sleeve (literally) with this cool (literally!) tat. The snowflake design is so pretty, and we could all use these now-iconic words of wisdom now and again. (via @kittehcatt)

Little Mermaid Tattoo

6. Under the Sea: Channel your inner Ariel with a tiny foot tattoo that fuses a Minnie Mouse bow with the pastel palette of The Little Mermaid. Whether this tat makes you a better swimmer or an avid collector of kitschy items is for you to find out. (via @joie_sunshine)

Chip potts

7. Chip Potts: Turn your favorite character into a form of self expression like this Chip ankle tattoo. Bonus points for extra Disney references (you noticed that the bubbles are shaped like Mickey, right?) (via @fallez89)

Alice in Wonderland

8. Down the Rabbit Hole: How many impossible things can you do before breakfast? With its stunning blend of colors, this playful watercolor tattoo definitely takes us on a trip through the looking glass. (via @kerrysalee)

Disney Tatt

9. Just Believe: For some of us, the magic of Disney will always be close to our hearts. Snuggle in a favorite quote and quintessential set of ears within the peaks and valleys of your pulse line, like this Instagrammer. (via @shollman_)

Mulan Comb

10. OG Girlboss: When it comes to female empowerment, Mulan is one of our favorite heroes. This lotus blossom hair comb is the perfect signifier for the woman who fights against all odds and blooms in the face of adversity. (via @esmeegs)

11. SeventhSkin Maleficent Temporary Tattoo ($8): Go to the dark side, but only for a week or so. If you aren’t prepared to ink the show-stopping villain of Sleeping Beauty fame, try out the look with a temporary tattoo.

Cinderella Tatt

12. Be Home by Midnight: This Instababe knows how to show off her ink. Her plunging body suit perfectly reveals a minimalist Cinderella-themed tattoo. Combine that with her pink locks, and she has the princess look down pat. (via @lizamarilyn)

Hair Flip

13. Mermaid Hair Don’t Care: Remember summers at the public pool, diving into the deep end and pushing off the bottom to recreate that iconic scene from The Little Mermaid? Just us? Regardless, this Ariel tattoo nails that covetable hair flip. (via @bluamaranth)

Beauty and the Beast Tatt

14. Tale As Old As Time: When it comes to gorgeous tattoos, the watercolor trend is definitely at the top of our list. And when they illustrate one of our favorite romances of all time, we’re officially swooning. (via @josiesexton)

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