Does your love make you feel like a princess every day? Does your honey show you that true love exists? If you’ve found the prince or princess of your dreams, perhaps it’s time to show them just how much they mean to you. And we have the perfect, magical way to do it: Disney Valentines.

Declare your love with these sweet cards and avoid all the humdrum of sarcastic, tongue-in-cheek or just plain rude Valentines. With plenty of bright colors and loving images, we guarantee they’re the perfect little gift for any Disney lover you know.

Featuring classic lines from some of our favorite Disney movies — including Olaf’s sweet, tear-jerking line at the end of Frozen — these cards are just what you need to declare your love forever… happily ever after, of course.

What do you think of these sweet Disney valentines? Would you give one to your love? Tell us in the comments below!

(h/t Design Taxi)