You guys, I am in heaven, because beach days are finally here! My weekend beach bag essentials have grown to include a sick pizza beach blanket, various sun screens and tanning oil, but the one thing I was missing was a one-of-a-kind beach chair! These three beach chair hacks are great for updating old or new chairs to make them really stand out on the beach this summer. ‘Cause face it — we’ve all had that moment of panic when exiting the water and we can’t remember where we were sitting on the vast beach :)


Stamped Beach Chair


Materials + Tools:

beach chair

— sticky-backed craft foam

— wood block

— scissors

— fabric or acrylic paint

— foam brushes

— pen



1. Draw out your stamp design onto craft foam, cut out and adhere to the wooden block.

2. Cover the stamp with fabric or acrylic paint and press onto the chair.

3. Stamp away until your beach chair is covered in a pattern upgrade!


Of course we decided to upgrade our beach chair with pineapples. Draw your design onto craft foam, cut it out and stick onto a wooden block.


Cover the stamp with paint (acrylic or fabric paint will work just fine) and stamp away!

Embroidered Chair


Materials + Tools:

beach chair

— fabric

— embroidery floss

— scissors

— pen

— needle

— glue gun



1. Hand letter your sassy saying with pencil or pen onto the back of your beach chair.

2. Using embroidery floss, stitch over your penned letters.

3. Cut a piece of fabric to fit the back of the chair and hot glue to cover your embroidery knots.


Hand letter your favorite beachy saying onto the seat back of your chair and then stitch with embroidery floss. Use the back stitching technique to fill in your letters.


To make key words stand out and really make a statement, use different colored thread.


Once you are done stitching, cut a piece of fabric to size and hot glue onto the back of the chair. This will hide all the extremely not cute embroidery knots or mistakes ;)

Woven Chair Back


Materials + Tools:
 beach chair

— 2-inch cotton strap

— elastic cord

— hot glue gun

— wax thread

— needle

— scissors



1. Remove the back of your beach chair and cut five 23-inch strips of two-inch cotton strap.

2. Apply a strip of hot glue to the strap, stick onto the metal post of the chair and then secure the strap onto the chair by stitching with wax thread.

3. Stitch all five straps onto one side of the chair and then follow the same process for attaching the strap on the other side of the chair.

4. Weave the elastic cord through the white straps and tie in place.


So this hack is more suited for a beach chair that has seen better days, but can also be done on a brand new chair just like this one!


Cut five 23-inch strips of cotton strap to create the new back of your chair.


Add a strip of hot glue about 4 inches from the end of the strap and press onto the metal frame of the chair. Fold the strap around the metal frame and stitch together using the wax thread.


Pull the cotton strap lightly and glue onto the metal base on the other side, and stitch into place.


Weave the elastic cord through the white straps. Get creative on patterns, density of cord and types of cord you use to weave with.


Tie the cord or use a few stitches to hold the woven strands in place.


Sit back and relax in your new one-of-a-kind beach chairs while catching up with friends and soaking in some rays.


100 points for whoever can name the song this lyric comes from without using Google.


“And then the tide rolls in!”

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DIY Production and Styling: Kelly Bryden
Photography: Kurt Andre

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