Your tan is coming in nicely and you’ve got chic shades on your face and sand in your toes — that must mean one thing: You’re at the beach! No, you are not dreaming. Warmer weather is real. And it’s here. It’s time to prepare yourself for the countless hours of beach lazing ahead. Check out our 21 finds for the ultimate beach bag to make your stay at the beach that much more enjoyable (and stylish).

The Perfect Bag


1. Maze Carryall Tote ($52): This tote is exactly what your beach trip needs. And no, not just because it’s big, bright and yellow. It’s actually waterproof and also features three interior pockets to keep stuff organized.


2. Kale-Afornia Recycled Tote ($17): Show off your kale obsession with this adorable recycled cotton tote. It would also be a great farmers’ market bag for your weekend adventures.


3. Watermelon Cooler Bag ($32): Okay, we all know how annoying it can be to lug around a cooler, especially in the heat. So leave your cooler at home and bring this totally adorable, fruit-inspired bag. Not only will you be able to enjoy cold drinks, but you’ll be the talk of the beach for sure.


4. Let’s Go Sailing ($25): Stuff all your goodies in this beach-appropriate tote for some fun in the sun.

Big Beach Towel


5. Seafan Jaquard Beach Towel ($78): It’s no secret that we love all things Ruby Mint. Pick up this work of art and you’ll be flaunting it around all beach season long.


6. ASHISH x Topshop Son of a Beach Towel ($24): If you’re wearing a bright bathing suit, this black and white towel is a great offset, not to mention super hilarious.


7. Meridian Striped Beach Towel ($78): Planning to lay out in the sun? This big luxury cotton towel will be your BFF all summer long.


8. Aztec Towel ($99): A round towel. Just let that sink in… This is a great towel for picnicking, reading, or heck, even napping.

Sun Protection


9. Aviator Mirror Lens Sunglasses ($10): First and foremost, you need to protect your eyes from those UV rays. And what better way to do that than with some uber chic shades? These ones are both easy on your eyes and your wallet.


10. Vegan Lip Balm ($6): It’s important to keep your lips moisturized, especially if you’re going to be out in the sun all day. From Grapefruit Clove to Cinnamon Mint, there’s something here for everyone.


11. Aveeno Protect + Hydrate Lotion Sunscreen ($8): A lotion and sunscreen in one?! This product will help you minimize the items in your bag, while also giving your skin the protection and hydration it needs.


12. Pink Sea Salt Hair Texture + Volume Spray ($14): Get beautiful beach-babe hair with this texture and volume spray. Major bonus? It gives your hair the nourishment and rejuvenation it needs, all while making gorgeous waves.


13. Pink Grapefruit Facial Cleansing Towelettes ($6): You’re definitely going to want to have these around. Whether you’re swimming or just laying out, make sure your face remains dirt-free and without makeup running down your face.


14. After Sun Moisturizer ($34): This product is amazing after you leave the beach with your new tan. It will help the tan last longer and hydrates and moisturizers your sun-kissed skin.

Store It


15. JOTO Universal Waterproof Case Bag ($13): Looking to simply tweet by the shore or listen to your fave playlist? Meet JOTO, your new best friend. This waterproof case has touch-screen functionality, and it’s universally sized to fit most smartphones.


16. Large Travel Pouch ($25): If you’re looking to keep your beauty products separate from your snacks, this pouch is just the thing. Plus it’s big enough to fit not only your daily beauty products, but your tanning oil and sunblock too.


17. Wally Wallet Case for iPhone ($50): Instead of bringing your entire wallet to the beach, carry this all-in-one phone case. It keeps your ID, credit cards and cash hidden until you pull the magic ribbon.

Techy Accessories


18. Wrap Headphones Mint ($18): Simply clip these to your keys and you’ll always have your headphones with you. They’re compact, adorable and perfect for the beach. Plus they have a mic for phone calls.


19. Bheard Sound Pod ($35): Who needs a speaker when you can hack it? Simply pop your phone into this pod and allow your music to be amplified naturally. It’s a great lightweight addition to your full-to-the-brim beach bag.


20. Back Me Up Mobile Charger ($30): We all know it’s pretty much impossible to find an outlet at the beach. That’s where this cute compact mobile charger comes in. Simply charge it before you head to the beach and plug it in when your battery reaches the single digits.


21. Tallow Underwater Camera ($14): Taking photos at the beach just got a whole lot easier. Don’t risk bringing your phone to snap photos by the water or risk dropping it in that technology-murdering sand — just use this handy dandy camera instead.

What is your must-have beach item? Share with us in the comments below!