Whether you’re a camping pro or trying it out for the first time, there is an arsenal of supplies you need to take with you on your journey to the great outdoors. Sure, you can splurge on gear you need at your local outfitter, but like a true creative, why not trying DIYing your own? Like a sleeping mat that’s as cozy as it is cute. Or a colorful stool that’s ideal for making s’mores around the fire. Whatever you need, scroll below to see the items that are sure to make you a happy camper come your next trip.


1. Roll-Up Cactus Mat: If you’ve been camping before, you understand the importance of having a mat outside of your tent. To ensure your sleeping space stays relatively free of tracked-in dirt, mud, and pine needles, make sure to bring this adorable version along with you! (via Brit + Co)


2. Color Rock Dominoes: Rather than sticking to the conventional black and white, these bright and bold rock dominoes add a colorful punch to the classic game. To make them, you’ll need six different acrylic paint colors, a brush, and 28 flat rocks. At least you and your friends won’t have to worry about getting bored! (via The House That Lars Built)

Travel Spices

3. Travel Spice Kit: This project calls for basic utensils like a pill planner, paper, scissors, and tape — that’s it. Then you’re left with a vessel to keep your burgers or veggies perfectly seasoned (and delicious!) even while you’re miles away from home. Genius. (via DIY Candy)

Campfire Stool

4. Campfire Stool: Secure extra seating by the fire with a totally portable tri-seat. It’s easy to make and totally waterproof, so you can enjoy your creation on the go — rain or shine! (via Brit + Co)

cornhole game diy

5. Cornhole Game: For a fun and low-key activity, make this beanbag toss set and bring it along on your next camping trip. Once you get home, expect this addictive game to become a permanent addition to your backyard soirees. (via Brit + Co)

diy leather blanket strap

6. Leather Blanket Strap: Keep your picnic blanket, yoga mat, or even sleeping bag neatly rolled with these homemade straps. For a stylish touch, add layered swipes of multicolored nail polish to the snaps. (via Brit + Co)

Flannel Napkins

7. Flannel Napkins: Put those old or oversized flannel napkins to good use. Simply cut them, sew the edges, and you have some adorable (and reusable) linens to enjoy during your dinners outside. (via Hey Wanderer)

diy sleeping pack

8. Sleeping Pad: If you plan on backpacking, hauling an air mattress around just isn’t an option — but crafting your own lightweight cushion could be. With fabric, thick batting or thin foam, a sewing machine, and an iron, you’ll be ready to make your next adventure a little more comfortable. (via The Merrythought)


9. Camp Chair Cover: Never mind sitting on an uncomfortable rock or bug-covered log — upgrade your campsite seating with these super cute DIY camp chairs. Customize using heavy canvas or easy-care polyester fabric in your choice of colors or prints. (via The House That Lars Built)


10. Metal Fire Pit: This one is a bit of an undertaking, but so worth it. You can upcycle an old metal basin from a washing machine into a surprisingly perfect fire pit. It’s like they were made for this exact purpose — their holes allow for plenty of air to feed the fire while still shielding the flames. (via The Flourishing Abode)

Fire Kit

11. Fire Starter Kit: For those who haven’t quite mastered *all* the camping skills (like starting a fire on your own), this easy-start kit should 100% be in your pack. The recycled jar is filled with wax, forage, matches, and sage (a bonus) so you’ll be able to kick-start that fire in no time. (via Craftberry Blush)

Camping Mug

12. Customized Camping Cup: Sometimes the little things really bring a spark of fun. Personalize your own mug with printable adhesive stickers to make even camp coffee seem joyful. (via Hey, Lets Make Stuff)

fold up stools

13. Folding Camp Stools: Though building your own furniture takes a little effort, you’ll have a comfortable place to rest when you’re done. Plus, you can customize your seats with whatever colors or designs you want. How many store-bought stools offer that? (via Ikat Bag)


14. Mosquito Repellent: Don’t let itchy bites ruin your outdoor experience. Keep those annoying blood-suckers at bay with this non-toxic bug spray you can whip up in no time. (via Brit + Co)

Aluminum Chair

15. Aluminum Chair Makeover: Turn your ordinary camping stools into a colorful statement. Reach for some macrame cords to make, and the more intricate you get with your looping and weaving job, the better! (via A Beautiful Mess)

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(Additional reporting by Grace Lee)