Summer means fun in the sun, BBQs in the shade, cornhole in the backyard and mosquitos buzzing incessantly around your bod every time you leave the house. And sometimes when you leave the window open. Yup, you know it’s true — probably because you’re already sporting some itchy, scratchy, annoying bites, oh, you know, head-to-toe from last weekend’s outdoor outing.

Well, listen up: There’s a (non-toxic!) way to keep the bugs at bay with a DIY mosquito repellent recipe that you can whip up in no time. Are you ready for the easiest summer beauty DIY ever?!

 – 1 ½ oz distilled or boiled water

– ½ oz lemon witch hazel

– 15 drops citronella

– 10 drops tea tree oil

– 10 drops eucalyptus oil

– 5 drops citrus blend oil

– glass bottle


1. The first step is to mix up all of your ingredients: Pour the distilled (or boiled, cooled down) water into your glass bottle.

2. Then, pour in the lemon witch hazel, and drops of citronella, tea tree, eucalyptus and citrus oils into your bottle.

3. Mix ‘it up, little darlin’!

4. Spritz on yourself and, bam! Bugs, be gone!

We used boiled water instead of distilled water, which, yes, adds one tiny step to the process :)

If you are going to boil your water instead of buying distilled H2O, just make sure it’s totally cooled down before making your DIY mosquito repellent. Pour it into the glass bottle first.

Time for the oils! You should be able to find what you need at your local health food store and at some supermarkets, like Whole Foods. An important note for mamas-to-be: Check with your physician if you are pregnant prior to using any oils, including the ones we used to make this mixer!

Make sure you use a glass bottle for your DIY mosquito repellent. Essential oils break down plastic and will ruin your blend. Plus, the glass bottle helps preserve it so it lasts all summer!

Cap your concoction, give it a shake and spritz! Reapply every couple hours and remember to give the bottle a shimmy to mix it up before you spray.

Buh-bye, bugs! You are not invited to this picnic/BBQ/outdoor dance party. Ever.

Hey, make sure to avoid your eyes when spraying!

BONUS! Stash your bottle of DIY mosquito repellent in your fridge and cooler on-the-go for a nice refreshing mist that will make re-applying even better.

Stay tuned for more summer DIYs and eco-friendly solutions for soothing those stingin’ bites! Share your summer beauty woes below and we could turn them into our next DIY!!