18 Essentials for Backyard Camping This Summer
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18 Essentials for Backyard Camping This Summer

Imagine spending a night under the stars with all the amenities of home just steps away. Backyard campouts might be the fave summer pastime of our youth, but we find no reason we can’t do it as adults too. You could go all out with the tent or simply set up a bunch of sleeping bags under the night sky. Just make sure you have a pile of comfy outdoor pillows and plenty of snacks. Complete the setup with a variety of fun activities, from cute DIY projects to a fancy outdoor movie projector. Before you send out the invites, check out these summertime essentials for your next backyard campout.

1. Boho Blanket ($30): Create a cozy atmosphere with a woven boho blanket. This tribal-inspired pattern feels on point for both the wilderness or the backyard.

2. Mint Chocolate Chip Marshmallows ($8): When it comes to s’mores, we firmly adhere to the “go big or go home” philosophy. These delectable ‘mallows will help you get there this summer.

3. Torch Flashlight ($48): Don’t forget to have a few flashlights around to complete the scene. This option is both stylish and eco-friendly.

4. Knit Beverage Insulator ($10): Keep those cold ones cold with these bright + beautiful cozies. If you are brimming with state pride, check out these ones in the B+C shop.

5. DIY Ukulele Kit ($40): You’ll be singing kumbaya in style with this fun and easy-to-play ukulele. You could even grab a few kits for a fun outdoor DIY project with the kiddos.

6. Tahiti Deck Chair ($329): Complete the look of your outdoor space with this must-have deck chair featuring a palm leaf fabric sling. The simple design makes it easy to fold up and relocate to wherever the camp party is at.

7. Camp Mugs ($25): The camping experience wouldn’t be complete without these adorable, vintage-inspired camping mugs. Plus, the enamel construction means they’re built to last for many seasons to come.

8. Suede Bracelets Kit ($25): Reminisce about those summer camp days with a chic spiral bracelet project. Set up a flat surface with a large tray or picnic table to get started with this adorable DIY.

9. The Two-Man Tent ($262): Whether you’re going on an actual trip into nature or just venturing past the patio, this tent is pretty much as cool as it gets.

10. Mason Jar Speaker ($25): You gotta have some tunes for all that late-night camp fun. This Mason jar speaker will blend in just right.

11. Air-Conditioning Cooler ($425): Those heat waves are not going anywhere anytime soon. Keep your outdoor tent chilled with some AC cooler action this summer.

12. Spiced S’mores: S’mores get a luxurious upgrade with this recipe, featuring a decadent spiced ganache chocolate made with cinnamon, whipped cream and a dash of rum. (via Terrain)

13. Outdoor Floor Pillow ($49): Spread out the sleeping bags and throw a few of these floor pillows around for a truly luxurious outdoor setup.

14. Hurricane Lantern Light ($12): A retro-inspired lantern makes a stylish accent for your outdoor space, and will complete the look of any backyard campout.

15. Mini Charcoal Grill ($15): This adorable mini grill is perfect for grilling up a classic camping meal, from corn on the cob to burgers.

16. Florina Outdoor Pillow ($78): Liven up the look of your backyard campground with gorgeous outdoor accent pillows. This weathered aqua number would look great indoors or out.

17. Smartphone Projector ($27): Settle down for an intimate screening of your favorite movie with this simple projector. Try draping a sheet in front of the fence or propping up a large piece of white paper to create a screen.

18. Zig Zag Tray ($58): Tote goodies from inside out to your campsite with a cool serving tray; the handles are key for easily carrying drinks and snacks galore.

What are your backyard camping essentials? Share your ideas with us in the comments below!