As you can see, we are NOT clowning around when it comes to Halloween. From a gorgeous ghost to the quintessential cat, we’ve left no stone unturned on the Halloween Makeup front. And now, for our crowning piece of makeup witchery, it’s time for… THE CLOWN.

Nine out of 10 people are totally and utterly freaked out by clowns! So why not become one this Halloween to really creep out your friends? Definitely not the “hot girl on Halloween” route, but gets you serious badass points considering you’ll be transforming your face into a creature that will literally make people run away. It doesn’t matter what outfit you pair this look with — we guarantee that peeps will not be looking at your clothes but rather obsessing over (and having nightmares about) your clown-covered face!

1. Start with a natural makeup look for your base so you have a barrier of your normal makeup between the stage makeup, in case there are any sensitivities.

2. Apply Ben Nye Creme Color in White ($6) all over your face and onto your neckline with a makeup sponge.

3. Set your face and neck with Natural Set Colorless Face Powder ($28).

4. Apply a red eyeshadow like Urban Decay Electric Palette in Slowburn ($49) to the creases of your eyes.

5. Add a bright gold shadow to the center of your eyelids like the one in the Pop Beauty Sunshine Palette ($33) for a pop of color.

6. Use a fine point brush and gel black eyeliner to line your eyes, extending the line into a cat eye.

7. Extend the lines to triangular drops as if your eyes were crying geometric tears using the same liner.

8. Apply your favorite mascara to upper and lower lashes.

9. Fill in your eyebrows with Billion Dollar Brow Universal Pencil ($15).

10. Apply a pair of false lashes.

11. For blush, use a bright pink like NARS in Desire($ 30).

12. For your mouth, get playful and turn your lips into a heart-shaped pout for a fun contrast to the sad eyes. I am using MAC in Ruby Woo ($22), which is a matte bright red lipstick, and applying it with a lip brush.

Get ready to enjoy the power of scaring the crap out of people. Have fun and definitely share photos of your look if you decide to rock this creeeepy costume this year!

Wow. Maximum creeps.

What Halloween makeup tutorials would you like to see on before Halloween? Tell us in the comments below and we’ll try to make it happen!