For this installment of Halloween Makeup, we’re turning to the ultimate classic: the purrfect black cat! It is a fail-proof look that can easily be paired up with black leggings and a blank tank or a full-blown leopard print jumpsuit. Best of all, this makeup look can be achieved with your regular makeup and the right black eyeliner.

Black Cat Halloween Makeup

Let’s get to it!

1. Start with a natural makeup look for your base so you have a barrier of your normal makeup between the stage makeup, just in case there are any sensitivities to the more intense makeup.

2. Begin by adding an ivory shimmery eyeshadow like Naked in Virgin ($54) on your lids, brow bone and inner crease of your eyes.

3. Add a medium taupe brown shadow like Naked in Naked ($54) to the crease of your lids.

4. Draw on an elongated cat eye with a fine point brush and a black gel liner.

5. Continue the line on the lower lash line, making the outside line slightly thicker.

6. Add a set of false lashes of your choice.

7. Apply a generous amount of concealer underneath your eyes, bridge of your nose, chin, upper lip and your lips.

8. Contour the sides of your nose with a shadow brush and bronzer.

9. Add bronzer to the hollows of your cheeks.

10. Using gel liner and the same fine point brush, add dots to your cheeks and a cat nose with a thin line connecting to your upper lip, which you will fill in with black liner as well.

11. After the liner dries, smudge some of the concealer off of the center of your lower lip, exposing a little of your natural lip color.

Meoowwww!!! Now get your best cat call, throw on some stilettos and you are ready to become the purrrrfect cat this year ;)

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