A classic Halloween character and year-round symbol of all things spooky and scary is the ghost! Instead of going gory and gruesome, we decided to go for a more beautiful ghostly look that still maintains that underlying spook factor. For this edition of Halloween Makeup, it’s time to get your ghost on.

The dusty gray color of the wig is what we truly believe takes this makeup look to another level!

1. Start off with your normal foundation as a primer and a barrier for the stage makeup just in case you have sensitive skin.

2. Apply Ben Nye Creme Color in White ($6) to your entire face using a beauty sponge.

3. Set your face makeup with Natural Set Colorless Face Powder ($28) by stippling the powder on so you do not rub the cream makeup off.

4. With a fluffy brush, apply a smokey purple like the one from the Pop Beauty Sunshine Palette ($33) to the crease of your eyes and along your lower lash line.

5. Using a fluffy brush that has a slightly more defined point for precision, apply a deeper purple like the one in the Pop Beauty Sunshine Palette ($33) into the outer and inner corners of your eyes and along the outer lower corner under your lash line.

6. For the final pop of dimension on your shadow, add a reddish brown like the one in the Pop Beauty Sunshine Palette ($33) over the purple along your lower lash line and into the crease of your eyes.

7. Add a pair of glittery silver lashes.

8. Contour the hollows of your cheeks, along your jawline and down your neck using a purpley grey shadow like the one in the Pop Beauty Sunshine Palette ($33).

9. Line your lips with a dusty purple eyeliner like L’Oreal Paris Riche Eyeliner in Violet ($6). Make sure you blend with your finger — you only want a little definition.

Gorgeous, right? Who knew ghosts could be so lovely?

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