White eyeshadow is a standard go-to highlight or accent color in the world of eye makeup, but it’s rarely used solo. Don’t let this ultra bright pigment fool you into thinking it’s only meant for runway models. We toned down high-fashion white shadow in order to create a bright-eyed, illuminated finish that any girl can wear. Hone in on that perfect shimmer to look gorgeous on a cold winter day (or even better: a hot winter date night!) in just five minutes.


Prep: Base Makeup + Eyeliner

Start with a flawless face by applying your base makeup. I added the tiniest amount of a light black eyeliner to my lower lash line to help create a little depth.


Step 1: Touch of White

Using a flat shadow brush, apply your favorite hue of white shimmer shadow. I am using Pigment by MAC ($21) to create a gradient eyeshadow effect that’s brighter on the inside corners of the eyes and fades as you blend outwards to create a sort of balanced drama. Apply heavily on the inside corners of your eyes, along the lower lash line (gradually getting lighter as you move to the outer corner) and onto your brow bones. At this point, you could put down your brushes and head out the door with majorly frosty eyes. Continue on for a more polished vibe that will take you to date night.


Step 2:  Eyeliner + Mascara

Eyeliner: Don’t reach for your everyday black liner! For this look, you want to opt for a navy blue liner instead. The navy has a cooler undertone in it that will give the same contrast as a black liner would on a warmer shadow base, just less jarring. I used Revlon ColorStay Eyeliner in Navy ($12). Keep it simple and apply the liner to your upper lash line, going slightly thicker on the outside of your lid like you’re about to create a cat eye.

Mascara: Go big OR keep it light! This look can handle either. I applied one coat to keep the vibe on the softer side, but if you were going out for the night, this is a great place to take those lashes up a notch!


Even if you think that white shadow may wash you out or be too contrasty, the good news is that there *is* one out there that will complement your skin tone. To find the right one for you, visit your local makeup counter and get familiar with their different undertones (think: silver, cream, gray or lavender) by swiping shadows onto the back of your hand. Chances are whatever is pleasing to your eye will look good on your eyes! Trust your instinct!


Throw on a cozy white or cream sweater and this look will have you channelling your inner winter goddess just like that.

What is your go-to winter eye palette? Let us know in the comments below!